You may know him as a six-time Grammy Award-winning musician, or the guy with the weird haircut that your kids are into. Or maybe you don't know him at all. No matter what you knowof Skrillexand his work, there's one thinghe does betterthan almost anyone else and it's worth your attention. Simply put, Skrillex is flat out killing it at content marketing.

With over 18 million Facebook fans, nearly 4 million twitter followers, and a loyal fan base all over the world, the DJ whose parents know himas Sonny Moore has an audience that most business owners can only dream of. So what makes Skrillex so good at content marketing, especially when he claims he doesn't spend any money on it? Hereare four reasons why Skrillex's content strategy is close tounbeatable, and why brands and businesses, both large and small, should study his online presence to improve their own marketing plans and tap into larger markets.

1.) He's Relatable

At its core, marketing is all about building relationships with consumers, and that's exactly what Skrillex has done through his content. If you take aquick look at his social media pages or his website/blog, you'll notice that he's not just sharing products that he's trying to sell. He's sharing the things that are interesting to him as a person as well. While there's plenty of content focused on things like record releases and tour dates, he also takes the time to share other artist's music, funny videos, interesting articles, and other things that make him relatable to his audience.

The idea of sharing other peoples'content and making it a part of your own channel is just too counterintuitive for manybrands. Consequently, that's where they fail, especially in the eyes of millennial consumers. In order to get true user engagement, you have to present your business as something that consumers can relate to. This is especially important on social media, where it's all about interaction and a sense of community. It's ok to be human, even if you're a major brand, and in fact, that's what will help you drive more engagement, build relationships with customers, and drive more success through your content.

2.) He's Jaw-Droppingly Creative

Ask anybody in the music world and they're likely to tell you Skrillex is one of the most creative artists around. From helping to pioneer the electronic dance music sound that he's become synonymous with, to collaborating with a handful of clothing companies, Skrillex seems to have his hand in countless cookie jars. But his involvement in so many different markets is what keeps his fans constantly coming back for more.

Perhaps the most recent example of Skrillex's content marketing genius came in the form of his first studio album release "Recess." Before the record's debut,Skrillex and his team released a mobile app disguised as a video game, and after a certain amount of time spent playing, the app started to reveal songs off of theupcoming LP. Releasing an album this way was not only exciting for his fans, but it was something that had never been done before and instantly received loads of media attention. This marketing strategy ultimately helped hype his album enough to help it go straight to the top of the charts.

By giving his fans something unexpected, fun, engaging, and free, Skrillex was able to boost his overall sales and have one of the most successful releases and tours of the year.

3.) He's Diverse

All to often, businesses rely on the same types of content to expand their brand awareness. However, being diverse is the name of the game in 2014. Now, successful content marketing is all about being creative and reaching consumers across various platforms and through different types of content.

Skrillex may beknown mostly for his music, but he also operates a massive YouTube channel with nearly two billion total views, a heavily-traveledblog with a regular readership, and one of the most well known and successful record labels in the dance music world. That's a lot of sites to be responsible for and requires him and his team to be constantly creating and sharing of different types of content. However, because he's constantly writing blog posts, sharing new music, uploading show recap videos, and more, he's able to keep his fan base constantly engaging with him and his handful of brands on a daily basis.

Having different types of content released across various platforms keeps the user experience fresh, interesting, and engaging, and is something that brands should strive for as much as possible.

4.) He Gives More Than He Takes

One of the quickest ways to turn off potential customers, especially millennials, is always trying to sell them something, and Skrillex knows that. He is regularly sharing free content, be it music or videos, and actually encourages fans who cannot afford to buy his music to pirate it. Why would he do that if his music is his livelihood? Because he wants people to hear the music, experience it, and share it with their friends. Even though he may not make money from his digital releases, he knows that he'll make that money back through othermeans, be it through touring, merchandise, a subscription to his Nest HQ site where he gives away exclusive content, meet and greet opportunities and more.

While it's perfectly understandable that most businesses won't be able to give their products away for free, giving your fans access to exclusive opportunities, deals, or swag will certainly drive interest and engagement. Content marketing should offer a beneficial experience to everyone involved. You should be adding value to your customers' online experience and not always trying to sell them something. Customers aremuch more likely to come back and make a purchase from you if they enjoy what you gave them for free.

Content marketing is a tricky game, but if you approach it with the right mindset and a solid strategy, you too can amass a fan base of Skrillex proportions. As long as you stayrelatable, creative and offer a valuable experience to your fans and followers, you cancraft a successful content strategy and maximize the return on your hard work.