In the modern world, it seems like there's an app for everything. Want to play a quick game on your cell phone, order a pizza or do your weekly grocery shopping? There's an app for you.

Many business owners have begun to see the potential of using an app to market or promote their business. Local app advertising can be very beneficial for even smaller businesses. However, most business owners recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is not the way to beat the competition. You have to crunch the data and see how your customers are behaving to know how to market yourself best.

While many entrepreneurs find data analysis to be a little overwhelming, you need not fear as there is an app for that too. In fact, there are many helpful digital tools that can be paired with your customer relationship management software to decipher your data and find success. Here are just five of the better analysis apps for your business.


The Cyfe app is a helpful tool for small businesses that provides excellent analytic features. This mobile app offers a cloud-based service to create an all-in-one dashboard for entrepreneurs. The dashboards are simple to set up and there are also ready to use widgets to connect your marketing, sales data, monitoring and social media sources including Twitter, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Feedburner, Gmail and Google Analytics.

Cyfe also allows you to connect your internal databases, and you can easily combine your data from internal and external sources to create tailored dashboards. The app requires a monthly subscription and there are five pricing levels, ranging from a free version through to a pro version. The app is available on iOS and Android.


This app was designed to move your existing business intelligence programs and tools onto the cloud or mobile devices. PushBI supports a number of different data source types including RSS, Atom, XML and SQL Server and SAP Business Information Warehouse. The main restriction with this product is that you must be connected to the Internet to access your data since it provides web-based content only. It is available on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android platforms.


This analytics app is easy to integrate and intuitive to use. It is compatible with a wide range of systems including SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Reporting Services, Excel and IBM Cognos. It was listed in Fortune magazine's "40 Best Apps for Business" and offers business owners access to some great tools with amazing graphics. This means that charts are fast to load and interactive with crisp colors on iPads and iPhones. It is available only on the iOS platform and there are three versions: ES4, Pro and Lite.


Yellowfin also features personalized dashboards and customizable mobile business intelligence tools. It allows you to create reports that can be published and then accessed on any device or platform. There are also enterprise collaboration capabilities already incorporated into the app, which allow you to discuss issues with specific charts or reports amongst team members. There are online and offline modes that allow you to view reports even in Internet blackspots. It is available on iOS and Android.

Power Vie

This app is the mobile component of the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and offers full support and compatibility with the PowerPivot Excel plugin. It allows you to design your own charts and reports and publish them to your mobile devices. This app was originally developed for the Windows Phone, but has been expanded to include iOS and Android.

In the modern business world, information holds the key to success. These digital tools are just a few in the fantastic range of products that can assist you in deciphering your data and use all of your metrics to beat out any competition.