"All we ever want is more. A lot more than we had before." Apart from being Shania Twain music lyrics, these two sentences also perfectly describe the human philosophy about money and pretty much everything else in life. As human beings, we always strive for more. We want more success, more money and more power. That's one thing quite a few of us have in common.

What differentiates us is how we handle and manage our available resources. For instance, some people invest and gain more. Others only spend and end up having less. In reality, money management is a skill that not everyone possesses. Correctly handling finances can make or break you. The sad truth is that not everyone is aware of that. According to Credit Suisse, there were 33.7 million millionaires worldwide as of 2015, with 15.7 million of them in the United States.

But times have changed a lot. Today minting a million-dollar fortune isn't quite the miraculous thing it used to be. Business owners, entrepreneurs and celebrities do it more often. The business challenge of our time is how to become a billionaire. This seems like a healthy aspiration, but, the reality is that for the majority of us it's only a dream. We cannot help but wonder how to achieve this goal.

Not every billionaire started with an economic or educational advantage. For some, life wasn't that easy. They had to work hard, make the right decisions and take the right opportunity. It's not easy, of course. The question is: What do some millionaires do that prevents them from becoming billionaires? A lot of things, but here's a list of five crucial reasons millionaires fail to break through to the billionaire's club.

1. They Don't Invest in Online Business

We all know that the traditional brick and mortar companies are mostly blasts from the past at this point. It's not that they cannot operate successfully on the market. It's just that they don't satisfy the consumer needs as they used to. The Internet is the present and the future, and online companies as well as stores can really increase your net worth.

Most of the people that made the list of The World's Billionaires made their fortunes by developing and leading successful online businesses. For example, there's Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO of Amazon.com and Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook. They believed in the immense power of the worldwide web and made their billions by investing all they have in their online companies.

Nowadays, Internet companies rule the world. What you can achieve by having the right idea at the right time is unimaginable. What most millionaires lack is vision and the belief in the online world. Remember, a good idea and hard work can change everything.

2. They Don't Know What Smart Investment Is

There are different beliefs of what a good investment really is. People always connect business and investment, but the truth is it has a much broader scope. Those who are part of the billionaire club don't forget to invest in themselves. The definition of a smart investment, according to all of the billionaires, is spending a lot of money on developing your skills and working constantly on yourself. Developing business, management and IT skills can make a huge difference.

Jeff Bezos once said that "Anything you do to improve your talents and make yourself more valuable will get paid off in terms of appropriate real purchasing power." He's absolutely right.

3. They Don't Diversify Their Financial Investments

Most of the millionaires never heard about diversified risk. Smart people invest their money in different industries and different sectors and that significantly reduces their risk of loss.

For instance, spreading your interests in the IT sector then the pharmaceutical or automotive industry can be beneficial. This kind of diversification can provide more consistent cash flow and secure funds for the future.

4. They Don't Pursue Their Passion

Passion can help you perform miracles. There's a pattern among all of the people that are in the billionaire club: They passionately follow their field of interest.

These people might not be the smartest individuals in the world, but they devote themselves fully in doing what they really like to do. They simply follow their personal calling, work hard and the money comes in the end. They've started with an idea to do great work, love what they do and be happy. Of course, that's a well-known recipe for success. Passion can open the door to the billionaire club for anyone.

5. They Don't Have The Billionaire Mentality

What the heck is that, you ask? The true billionaire mentality isn't the craving we have for money. It's the ability to fix problems along the way and carry on. What all of the billionaires have in common is that they don't stop and allow themselves to get discouraged by small problems. They solve them, learn from their mistakes and continue with hard work. The true billionaire mentality is the never give up approach.

Author Steve Siebold expresses it pretty well.

He says, "While the masses are waiting to pick the right numbers and praying for prosperity, the great ones are solving problems...Anyone can become wealthy. It has nothing to do with your education or where you come from. It's not what you do that guarantees wealth, it's what you are."