Content marketing is expected to continue to be highly important in 2015, but it won't happen without a big price: time. Content curation, distribution, and tracking can be extremely time consuming. Business owners are already overwhelmed with an ever-growing to-do list, so how can they possibly take all the time necessary to coordinate, create, and manage content for all of their social media pages and websites?

Like many other tasks clamoring for business owners' time, automation is a strong solution. There are numerous technology tools available to help streamline a business's content efforts, so it's important to find the ones that work best for your own unique needs. Here are five great tools that can help with your content marketing efforts.


The most important step in great content marketing is finding the right information to post. In addition to creating great content and making sure it's posted and shared, you can also find interesting content that has been created by others. Curata is designed to help businesses with their content curation, searching the internet around the clock for content that is appropriate for a business's online audience. Over time, Curata learns a user's preferences and adjusts its curation selections accordingly. The platform also lets businesses organize and share directly from its site.


Using Kapost's workflow tools, businesses can organize content campaigns, allowing easy tracking of which team members are working on which items and aligning processes to make sure everything gets done. Businesses can create personas and plan daily content posting activities to last through the duration of a campaign.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

For years, publications have used editorial calendars to plan publishing schedules. You can create an editorial calendar on your own, but the WordPress editorial calendar plugin makes managing content easy. The calendar provides an overview of all posts and their dates, which can be changed by simply dragging and dropping an item to a different date. This calendar is especially helpful when content is being posted by multiple authors.

Facebook Graph Search

Inc. columnist John Rampton has used Facebook Graph Search professionally for years and he states, "If your business has a Facebook page, Graph Search is a great way to learn more about your followers on the site. When used correctly, this tool can be used to find out more about the people who are following your brand's page. What are their other interests? By determining these other interests, you can search for and create content that speaks to those interests and likely increase engagement."

Google Analytics

If you have a website, chances are you're already using Google Analytics to track your website visits and tweak your search engine marketing campaigns. This tool can also be used to power effective content marketing strategies and improve your visibility. Under "traffic sources-organic," Google lists the top referring search terms. Using these terms, a brand can determine the specific words that bring customers to a company's website or social media pages. This insight can be used to optimize each piece of content you post moving forward for optimum results.

Content marketing will continue to play an important part of earning search engine visibility. By using the right tools, businesses can succeed in their efforts without putting in a prohibitively large number of valuable man-hours.