In the very competitive business environment of 2015, we all feel the pressure to propel our business forward, build traction, and reach new heights. Do you feel like you are struggling or are in a rut? Perhaps you need an influencer on your side. It's the influencers out there who can help propel your business and build that traction you want. Many have the power to convince others to think a certain way or take a certain action (like buy a product). There are many of these influencers population the social media world, from YouTube to Vine, and Instagram, just to name a few.

You definitely want these influencers on your side, if you can get their attention. It's all about getting to know people and convincing them that what you're offering is something they want to share with others. I've interacted with these types of people for years now and can recommend several services tol help you get started on building these influencer relationships:


Pretty much everyone has heard of this one so I'll put it here first. Klout helps you generate the type of content necessary to get the attention of the influencers you are hoping to attract. With enough time spent interacting online, you can gain a certain title, such as specialist, enthusiast, or entrepreneur, which may get you in front of specific groups of influencers. Klout then helps you by suggesting content that your audience may want to share. Some people say this improves your engagement levels long term. Regardless, it all comes down to personally interaction with people whenever appropriate.


Online radio and podcasts are unique ways to get noticed with influencers because they move beyond text on a page to become a more dynamic channel for reaching influential people. Spreaker lets you create, host, and distribute podcasts through Android and iOS apps as well as through your desktop computer. You can pre-record a podcast or do a live show in which you interact with listeners in chat sessions. Your podcast can be distributed to all the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well as to iTunes and other channels.

Challenged App

This app is driven by the idea that a community of people can generate and accomplish all types of social challenges. These can be health-related, in your local area, or other types of movements. Creating a video challenge, like the ever popular (or derided) "Ice-Bucket-Challenge," through Challenged App can lead to influencers joining your movement. For example, Nash Grier and Brent Rivera are influencers who have participated in challenges. These people often come with significant online cred that has a positive effect on the brands or charities working with them.

Social Oomph

It's been proven that social media channels are where it's at in terms of connecting with influencers, including Internet "sensations." However, it is typically a very time-consuming process to hit all the major sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (profiles, pages, and groups), RSS feeds, blogs and more. Social Oomph takes care of a lot of work that goes into finding influencers and then provides you with updates you can schedule in advance. This frees you up to move on to other marketing tasks as well as focus on crafting more relevant content, tracking keywords, as well as what people are saying about you.


This mobile-first influencer platform is connected to many major influencers found on sites like Snapchat, Vine, Twitter and Instagram, some of the very same platforms where the aforementioned Internet sensations first got noticed. Influential allows you to make a media buy directly on these social networks. This type of "word of mouth" marketing spreads topics around the world quickly and utilizes some of the most trusted influencers around.


Trendspottr helps you connect with influencers by first providing insights that deliver a better understanding of trends, content, and key influencers for your particular business segment. By gathering this intelligence in advance of connecting with influencers, you will have a better sense of what they want and the type of conversations you could have with them. With so much information on the Web making it hard to find allies for your business, this app speeds up the process.


Zuum culls the social media landscape to provide intelligence on what influencers and networks will be the most effective for your needs given what others are saying and doing online. This tool helps you assess growth rates and engagement on various networks, which can help you create the most effective connections. This app also helps you see what the competition is doing and saying as well as how it is being received, which further hones in on what you need to do to connect with influencers.

These apps can be effective tools to get your funnel as close to your influencers as possible and hopefully get them to share your product. As a trusted voice among your targeted audience, they can blast our information about you to their followers. After that, it's up to you to keep feeding the content and attractive information that can help your business grow.

Published on: Oct 2, 2015
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