Future entrepreneurs dream of running their own business one day, but many have to work full-time jobs before starting their own. Careers give you skills and experience that will be valuable when you're a business owner. Many jobs even let you work from home.

These eight stay-at-home jobs cut the time you'd spend commuting, which means you have more time to dedicate to planning and creating your own business. And, you'll save on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

If you're looking for a work at home opportunity, why not explore flexible jobs work that may even lead to you launching your own business?

I chose to highlight these eight jobs because they provide legitimate work, full-time income and business opportunities, even for people with kids. Plus, you can apply the skills and experience you gain through these jobs to your small business and overall career.

1. Bookkeeping.

Working as a stay at home bookkeeper can give you steady work while developing your communication and data entry skills. There are many job opportunities in this area, whether you work as an employee or as a freelancer. Once you've gained an understanding of what it takes to run a bookkeeping business, you can open one of your own.

2. IT Support

Businesses have an increasing need for quality IT support due to  constant evolution and development of technology. The IT industry often lets employees work from home. This means you can find many IT support positions that are essentially online jobs. Experience in IT support opens many business opportunities, which could help you open your own IT agency one day.

3. Medical or Legal Transcription

I have a good friend who started her own medical transcription business. She transcribes voice-recorded medical reports dictated by doctors. Medical and legal fields use unique terminology and depend on detailed accuracy. That's why both industries continue to rely on talented transcriptionists. Many work entirely from home.

4. Website Design and Management

In today's technology-driven age, every business needs a quality website. Because sites need ongoing maintenance and can go out of date relatively quickly, website design and management is a promising field to venture into. You can do this work remotely, so an agency may hire you to work from home.

I know graphic designers who developed their design skills strongly enough to offer website design on a freelance basis. One of them hired other designers and now has an agency of more than fifty people.

5. Event Staffing Management

If you're organized, efficient, and have management or hiring experience, you may be able to find a remote job with an event staffing management company. You'll network with and hire staff for promotional events all over the country. With a little time and experience, you can open up your own event staffing management company to offer these services to businesses.

6. Marketing Management

The field of marketing is constantly evolving and it's difficult for business owners to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. Marketing managers step into this role for them. They use their expertise to help companies get the most value out of social media and their marketing budgets in general. Marketing is a versatile field, and you can freelance as a marketer or eventually open your own marketing agency.

7. Writing or Editing

Businesses and nonprofits often hire remote freelance writers or editors. And, you can find stay at home opportunities for grant writing, blogging, copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, and more. Working full-time for a company can help to develop your skills and knowledge. In time you might start your own side hustle to make extra money or open your own writing and editing company.

8. Project Management

Many industries offer project management positions that demand organized, efficient, and deadline-driven people. Working as a stay-at-home project manager can help you to develop skills and experience applicable to many different types of businesses.

Not only do many of these jobs offer you the convenience of working from home, potentially on your own schedule, they can also prepare you to start your own business. Explore careers that let you work from home full-time or part-time. It can make it easier to balance your job with the work you'll want to put into launching your own business someday.