I don't hear about YouTube as a viable learning platform nearly as much as I think it deserves. There's exceptional video content on almost any entrepreneurial topic you can imagine, along with new ideas being uploaded by the minute.

Determining quality versus poor content isn't always easy on YouTube. However, there is social proof of subscribers, video view numbers, and likes to help you gauge what videos are reliably truthful, or just the most enjoyable.

Plus, many people find video content, with its images and graphics, easier to learn from and engage with than other content like books, blogs, or podcasts.

With large amounts of remarkable content on YouTube, one of the biggest challenges is navigating to find what is most useful and applicable to your needs.

Here are five of the best channels to follow in order to accelerate your learning to help your business succeed:

Y Combinator​

Y Combinator (YC) has an extremely informative and applicable YouTube channel for small business owners and motivated employees.

The channel brings successful founders, designers, engineers, and more to discuss their best secrets and desirable practices. They feature everything from formation of a product to raising money, to building effective company culture.

This channel gives you a chance to hear from business leaders around the world. People talk about what works well for them, with a diversity of differing industries and verticals.

Additionally, YC is constantly uploading new content, meaning you get the chance to hear timely and relevant approaches to business. These tactics may be immediately translatable to the work you're currently doing at your company.

Stanford online

If you want to learn about a cross-section of different topics from top researchers and professors in the world, Stanford online is a perfect place to go. In 2018 alone, they published content on the future of drones, the life of an entrepreneur, privacy, sustainability, and many more intriguing business subjects.

The lectures tend to be around an hour in length, and are often taught by highly regarded professors. Although some of these topics may not be immediately applicable to your company, they can certainly ignite inspiration and widen perspective. The research you encounter may also provide interesting conversation fodder at the office.


CrashCourse uploads roughly ten-minute videos that give you animated crash courses on various subjects, including entrepreneurship. This channel is constantly uploading new content, as well, and has been around for some time. The playful nature of the videos keeps them loose and engaging, which helps fight boredom.

These videos are often beneficial for their broad overview. They let you learn a little about a variety of subjects, providing a helpful introduction to any topic that might suddenly become relevant to your business.

For example, if you're trying to assess a team member's work, a crash course on evaluation practices or statistics might be in order. If you want to make your company more environmentally sustainable, watch a crash course on climate change to get a feel for actions you can take and where you can volunteer.

Learning about topics like Darwinism or the impacts of the Industrial Revolution may also give you unique knowledge that informs how you think about the future or how your business may be impacted.


Polymatter is a tech-based YouTube channel that has recently begun uploading significantly more content. They put together videos diving into a variety of ideas and trends in the tech world, from the emergence of scooter startups to the value of Amazon.

Watching these videos is instructive around the future of up-and-coming industries. This channel helps you gain a better grasp of the current climate of the business world too. You'll be better able to orient your company if you go through tough times. You may even find inspiration from the innovation around you.

Academy of Ideas

This channel takes you back in time to learn from intelligent philosophers, psychologists, and thought leaders in history. Their videos also tend to run about ten minutes, and explore past ideas and concepts, tying them to current events.

These vids put an emphasis toward current news that ties in with historical data and concepts. The discussions are time tested and refreshing.

Above all, many of the videos on these channels let you take a step back from your daily work routine and think about broader, more philosophical concepts. They shed light into the human experience and get you to consider what you and your team need in order to thrive in the business world, over time.