The 2019 NBA Playoffs are here and the Golden State Warriors are still considered the favorite to take their fourth championship in five years.

A big part of that is Wardell Stephen Curry II (yes, that's his real full name). The sharp-shooting point guard, who's a lock to end up in the basketball Hall of Fame, gets almost nothing but love. He attracts basketball fans all over the world, including coaches and other players.

It's widely believed that Curry is a primary reason why then-free-agent and fellow NBA superstar Kevin Durant moved to the team three years ago. Even fans of other teams love Steph Curry (somewhat begrudgingly, in many cases).

As an entrepreneur, wouldn't it be nice to have this same level of love for you or your business?

It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur or a basketball star. Here are four ways to emulate Stephen Curry, on and off the court:

Be positive.

Curry often jokes around with other players and coaches. This speaks to his positivity, which is critical--especially if his team is facing a deficit or has found itself on a rare losing streak. Even when he doesn't have to go on road trips due to injuries, Curry usually comes along and continues to be a positive force for the team's collaborative spirit.

As an entrepreneur, you attract people--customers, talent, investors, and other stakeholders--by putting them at ease. It's much easier to work with someone with an aura that is fun and positive than to work with a person who scowls and complains.

Consciously remember to smile, just like Stephen Curry, whether you know the people or not. Find ways to make them laugh or do things you know are kind.

Don't fight with your teammates (or the competition).

Although no one is a saint--Curry has been fined and ejected in the past for throwing his mouthpiece--this particular basketball star tends to veer away from fights and bad behavior on and off the court. Curry generally takes the high road and avoids conflict.

Whether it's internet trolls, negative media, or conflict in the workplace, don't join in and add to toxic behavior. It doesn't solve problems or reflect well on your personal or company brand to join in the fight.

What does bode well is rising above it, finding ways to communicate and collaborate on a solution, and killing these naysayers with kindness. This creates a more centered, calm, and productive environment in the office, and potentially a more successful business. Any longtime Warriors fan can tell you how it's worked for their favorite team in recent years.

Be grateful--and show it.

Curry seems to understand how fortunate he is to be in his position. He constantly shows gratitude, humility, and professionalism. He also uses his fame to do good for others, visiting with terminally ill children and inviting them and their families to his games. 

Your success as an entrepreneur is the result of a lot of your hard work. It's also important to remember what and who helped get you there.

As a leader, you have a responsibility to serve as a role model for others, so be mindful of your actions online and offline. Stay true to your values and look for ways to do more social good.

Interact with fans.

Before each home game starts, fans know they can count on seeing more than just Curry warming up on the court with his team. He comes out of the tunnel and takes a three-point shot attempt. Then, he greets fans, takes selfies, and signs autographs.

Last year, a fan wrote to him asking why there were no Under Armour Curry shoes specifically for girls. Curry wrote her back, letting her know they were in the works. He eventually gave her free tickets, and even multiple new pairs of shoes, including the first of the new girl's line.

Your business exists because of your customer base. You want these customers to feel like they're a part of what you are doing because that emotional connection is what keeps them coming back for more.

Listen to what they tell you and how what you do makes them feel. It's how you keep them and add more customers.