DJ Many has become a celebrity disc jockey, working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. After getting his start on the radio at the young age of 13, he managed to eventually make life-changing connections. From his work with Soulja Boy's record label to his role as a brand ambassador for a wide variety of companies, DJ Many has an interesting story to tell.

For entrepreneurs hoping to make a similar impression within their own industries, DJ Many's story can serve as inspiration. He spoke to me recently about his journey, offering insights that could possibly help business owners no matter where they are in their careers.

Less Talk, More Action

Several years ago, DJ Many was browsing tweets when he saw an invitation from Soulja Boy to add him on Xbox Live. He decided to give it a try. They were playing games when DJ Many began disc jockeying on Soulja Boy's website through an app called Tiny Chat. His natural ability caught the music producer's attention and a few months later, he was working for Soulja Boy's record label.

"I don't do pitches or anything that these other entrepreneurial people do," DJ Many says. "I don't really care about pitches. I care about results, about action. With the Tiny Chat thing for Soulja Boy, I just showed myself. I didn't talk about myself."

A Brand Ambassador

His successes as a DJ and brand ambassador captured the notice of the CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure, who contacted DJ Many in 2015. At the age of 21, DJ Many became the youngest entrepreneur to land a direct vendor deal with the company. That same year, he directed, wrote, produced, and co-starred in a commercial for Sprint. As with Soulja Boy, when DJ Many received the initial contact from Sprint, he made the most of the opportunity.

"It's really about persistence," he says. "That's the biggest thing I have to say about this--being persistent and showing your presence. Being present is one of the most important things. You miss out on every opportunity that you're not at."

Social Media and Success

While social media played a large role in DJ Many's ability to connect with others, he is very clear that he would have had the same opportunities without Twitter. Before he met Soulja Boy, DJ Many had the number one terrestrial radio show in the Virgin Islands. However, social media sped up the process.

"If I was in the days before social media, I would have to go through this full cycle of a career and keep branching out at a slower pace," he says. "With social media, I've been able to maintain three different careers at the same time."


Throughout his successes, DJ Many has found it's always best to make a plan and start small. While working with Rohan Marley, son of music legend Bob Marley, he learned something that has stuck with him to this day.

"Think of something that's sustainable," DJ Many says. "Get into something that you will do for the rest of your life. Don't get into something that you only want to do for a little while."

Find Happiness

While entrepreneurs may spend years pursuing riches, DJ Many has focused on happiness and enjoying life. By doing what he loves, he has been able to discover great opportunities that have led him to where he is today. Despite the fact that he has accomplished great things, however, he still finds hard work and persistence are necessary for continued success.

"Even though I've done so much in my career, I still have to prove myself every day," DJ Many says. "There are still people who doubt me and I have to prove all of those doubters wrong."

That philosophy of working hard and proving himself isn't stopping. He is currently working with pop legend Donny Osmond on a future music collaboration.

DJ Many has had an accomplished career with many interesting twists and turns. As he continues to search for new opportunities, his ambition can prove inspiring to entrepreneurs in the business world. Through a combination of persistence and talent, he's accomplished goals that are mere dreams for other people, all while doing something he loves.