The new world of business has no borders. That doesn't mean you should stop looking for good home grown talent of course. In fact, local workers are vital to your brand's growth. However, freelance workers and international workers are becoming more popular hires. Here are some reasons why you should consider looking past your borders to find the best workers to help your company grow.

Stack Your Team

By broadening your horizons and looking past the US for employable candidates, you are giving your company the chance to have the best of the best. Sometimes, the best are in a different country. Now, not only do you let yourself have America's best, but you also open the doors to have the world's best--making you a better company globally. Just as it sometimes happens in elementary school basketball games, you are "stacking your team" and giving yourself the best opportunity for success.

Powerful Connections

When you hire someone from a different country, you give your company foreign connections--and that can be helpful to you in the long run. Even if it is not necessarily a country that your business works with currently, you never know when the connections your foreign employees have will become assets. Of course, if you are looking to create business in a specific country, it would only make sense to hire someone that is not only from there, but has working experience and is in good standing with businesses there already.

International business is the name of the game now, and one of the best ways to keep ahead of this game is to hire internationally. Not only are you making connections, your new employees are already promoting the international mindset by working in a country different from their nationality.

Hard Work

Another reason to hire foreign workers may simply be that they work harder. When a potential employee is already putting in the effort to get a job in another country, it can be said of them that they are going above and beyond to reach a higher level of success. Additionally, they may even be more qualified. A strong work ethic mixed with an extensive positive work history or high qualifications makes them even more employable.

Valuable Skills

There is a very high possibility that you have a need in your company that a foreign employee has a specific skill for, unique from American training. By being able to fill expert and special skill spots with qualified workers, you may even give your company the ability to expand more than it ever could without the outside help. In an international workforce, someone with specialized skills can work for any business in any country. Do not let near sightedness keep you from snatching up amazing talent that can boost your company's productivity and quality.

Better Education

The fact of the matter is that there are certain universities that produce more employable workers than other universities. Not all of those schools are in the United States. What does your company specialize in? Find universities that produce the best and the brightest in that area and start looking into their graduates for employment. To rise above other companies, the quality of your employees' work must rise above the pack, and people willing and able to do this work could be from any country, America or otherwise.

Refusing to limit your hiring to either the local area or the U.S. in general can give you more opportunities for success. To continue to help grow your company, it's important to hire the best of the best, regardless of which country they live in. We now live in a world where globalization is part of everyday life. Use this to grow your business internationally, and hire anyone that can be an asset to your business because of what they bring to the table.

Published on: Jun 16, 2016
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