The location of your workplace can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your output, as well as how much you enjoy it. Being distracted all day by noisy colleagues or feeling oppressed by a confined space can seriously hinder your work and cause frustration.

Finding a favorite place to work is well worth it, even if it takes you a bit more time. You can accomplish more in four to six hours than in eight hours when you're working more efficiently. That's what a productive workspace can do for you.

I love working in cafés, and I'm not alone. Each day, people all over the world flock to cafés to write, code, answer emails and generally get work done. Here are five reasons why if you do the same, you may experience a boost in productivity, creativity and happiness:

You can feed off of the energy of people around you.

At a café, you're often surrounded by others who are also making progress on their independent work. I find myself more motivated and focused when those around me appear to be getting things done.

Workplace colleagues are also working of course, but they're usually required to be there. Conversely, people at cafés presumably made the choice to be there, which often means they may be more excited about or dedicated to doing their work. Remembering that always gives me a boost and reminds me why I'm doing this particular work.

Furthermore, when I look around a café, many people appear to be in positive moods. That's likely because they want to be there, which generates a more positive atmosphere. I find it easy to feed off of that energy and turn it into an accomplished day.

The coffee-shop atmosphere lends itself to positivity.

A study in the International Journal of Hospitality Management shows that the combined elements inherent in a coffee shop's atmosphere, mixed with background music (which the majority of cafés have) enhances a customer's mood.

From my experience, I would agree one hundred percent. Almost every time I sit down to work in a café, the environment around me is more upbeat than at most offices where I've worked.

There tends to be natural light, open space, people smiling, pleasant smells, delicious food, and soothing music in the background. This helps me stay positive and productive all day long, even through challenging or frustrating tasks.

Working out of a space that keeps you positive and energetic is just a good thing in general. Not only can it lead to higher productivity but it can help you enjoy the act of working more so that your days feel less cumbersome.

You'll encounter fewer social distractions.

In a café, you're generally not surrounded by people whom you know well--or even at all.

You might be inclined to share entertaining YouTube videos, talk about the basketball game last night, or discuss your families with your coworkers. The same distractions don't exist nearly as much in cafés. Rather, you can keep your head down and work without fear of interruption.

You get to explore new locations and cuisines.

Working out of cafés gives you the valuable opportunity to explore your city. You can check out coffee shops in a variety of different locations to get a sense of the neighborhoods around where you live. In bigger cities, each neighborhood tends to have its own vibe and culture, and you can make your destination an excuse to explore these unique parts of your city.

Furthermore, through café exploration, you get to check out unique foods and drinks in both the cafés you visit as well as the surrounding restaurants and bars.

When you spend such a large percentage of your time working, often out of the same location, it's easy to miss out on exploring and learning about the place where you live. Working out of different cafés, on the other hand, gives you a chance to explore and try diverse cuisines.

Cafes are a break from the everyday routine of your office and co-workers.

While working in your office does help team building and collaboration, at times it can get frustrating. Being around the same people in the same space on a daily basis creates a sense of monotony that can lead to frustration and less focus.

Use cafés as a way to burst through that office space bubble. It'll give you a break from people who might rub you the wrong way on occasion. And as much as you believe in yourself, it can be nice to give others a break from you, too.