Is there an entrepreneur in the family, someone who has made a big mark in the business world? Or, are you that person?

While riches and fame are temporal and a successful person mostly just wants to reconnect with friends and family and enjoy the downtime over the long break, that doesn't make it any easier when it comes to buying them a gift. For the person on your list who has "everything" already, consider these higher-end gift ideas.

The king of brewers, this Jura GIga 5 has two large 9-ounce grinders for holding your coffee beans and two different heating systems so you can brew two drinks (like coffee or a latte) at the same time. But the best part? The coffee tastes exactly like what you'd buy at a coffee-shop.

This standing desk has a smooth bamboo desktop and an aluminum frame. It's a standing desk, so you can raise it up from 24-inches to 50.5-inches at a rate of 1.7-inches per second. Oh, and research says you can lose 20 pounds per year if you use one two hours per day.

That's right, it's a jet. It costs $699,000. And, it won't even be available until 2017. But if you do the pre-order you can pretty much guarantee your recipient will have a happy holiday. The all-glass cockpit and, as the fastest piston aircraft ever, some bragging rights.

Switching gears a bit: If the entrepreneur really doesn't need anything, consider donating $500 so that five women in a developing country receive a micro-loan to start a business. The same organization has several other innovative charitable gift options.

Go with something unique and stylish to replace that crusty canvas laptop satchel? Sure. This leather backpack has a slot for a laptop and a tablet; it's rugged enough for daily use.

Nothing says "unique gift idea" like a high-powered vacuum cleaner. This new Dyson cordless model is the one you want for the stairs, the car, or for quick clean-ups. It has 75% more brushes in the head than the previous model and lasts 20 minutes on a charge.

Floorstanding speakers like this reference set by Paradigm bring out the subtle details in bands like Fleet Foxes and movies with booming surround-sound like The Avengers series. One of the tricks? Three woofers are dedicated to lower frequencies to add pristine clarity.

A pen made out of wood (that is waxed by hand, natch) makes perfect sense. It's about a analog as you can get in a digital age. It takes 100 manual steps just to make the pen nib and looks like something John Hancock would use.

For the guitar player in the office (or the family), the new 600 model by Taylor Guitars is the one to get this holiday. It's a "revoiced" model with maple materials and ebony fretboard and bridge from Cameroon. The second-gen pickup resonates longer and louder than previous versions.

What really sets this high-end Bluetooth speaker apart from the rest? Two things. The sound quality is in that elusive "reference speaker" range where you can hear things in your favorite tunes that you swear were missing when you used earbuds. And, the sleek low-profile design fits in a modern office just as much as that fancy Jura coffee-maker.