Productivity is all about personal incentives, practicing routines, and digging deep to find motivation, right? Well, not always. At times, you can motivate employees to get more work done, but it's not always about handing out cash or dangling some other incentive. Try one of these fresh approaches to spurring productivity in the office.

1. Send everyone home early for no reason.

Wait, what? How does sending everyone home spur productivity? Well, it gives them a better work-life balance, shows you care about their free time, and gives them an opportunity to excel the next day.

2. Do an all-hands meeting and ask everyone to say one thing he or she wants to accomplish today.

Yes, it promotes accountability. Yes, you can overdo this one easily. But try it just once and see if your employees finish up that task.

3. Go around the office and give them the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on CD.

I'm totally serious. The songs on this soundtrack are happy, fun, and motivating.

4. Have a contest to see who can finish a big task first.

Of course, the person has to prove he or she did the work and didn't cut corners. It has to be good work. Reward handsomely.

5. Change the coffee blend.

Maybe it is a last resort and you might be morally against caffeine, but throw caution to the wind. Take a trip to Starbucks and get something really unusual.

6. Get new laptops.

Here's an interesting way to get everyone to work faster: Give each employee a faster computer. It's probably time anyway. Also, Chromebooks are cheap.

7. Do a quick round of calisthenics.

I know you are thinking this comes from The Office, but it works. Jumping jacks, a few pull-ups. Make it entirely optional, though.

8. Buy everyone in the office the new iPhone.

It's going to be expensive, but you'll be surprised how much more efficient your employees are when they have a phone that works.

9. Get a better task manager.

I like because it has such a clean interface. A good app helps employees get more work done because it's clear, clean, and fun to use.

10. Host a multiplayer video game match every day at 5 p.m.

It gives employees something to look forward to. For the non-gamers, promise you'll provide free food.