Just in time for Mother's Day this Sunday, these foodie gifts are for the moms in your office. They are meant for any age and have an eclectic, surprising twist.

They are not quite hidden messages, but these chocolates include a quick word of encouragement. The Joy Caramel Apple has apple pieces and praline.

The packing for these palm-size pies is the best feature: They arrive in a box with small plastic forks. Each pie is self-contained in a glass jar.

A surprisingly wide assortment of healthy snacks, Go Raw is a rising star similar to Kind bars. The products are unusually eclectic, such as the watermelon seeds or carrot cake cookies.

For the mom who is too busy to cook, Freshly.com makes an outstanding gift. For $69 per week, the company delivers six fresh, gourmet meals, such as an amazing chicken ricotta.

Just having a bag of peanuts is a bit boring. This company packages everything into gift boxes and the nuts are usually mixed with other flourishes, like dried pineapple.

The main selling point for this ice cream delivery company is that the flavors are so unique. There's one that has fudge swirls and brownie bits. The website has a certain flair.

Featured on the MTV Movie Awards, these handmade candies are tasty. The 10-piece truffle sampler is about the right size and assortment for a gift pack.

This flavored gourmet popcorn--including one gift pack that uses dark, milk, or white chocolate--comes in a Mother's Day gift pack with a lid you can decorate yourself.

This Oregon wine is delivered in a set each month. You can pick from red, white, or a mix and the company also offers a four-bottle club. 

Filled with nutrients and proteins, these premium nut butter spreads--including peanut, almond, and cashew--are great for snacking and recipes.