The day everyone in your company is waiting for is this Friday. That's right, it's Employee Appreciation Day. These gift ideas will help you bring a little joy to the workplace.

Several NBA basketball teams are fans of this company. The snacks are all for health and wellness (they are allergy and gluten free) and offer a nice surprise (given the wide variety of brownies and other treats).

Based in Augusta, Georgia, this startup owns their own local coffee shop--they left the newspaper business to sell coffee to friends initially. Every bag sold helps sponsor safe drinking water for kids.

Organic ingredients help make this signature cookie a smart choice for employees. Stephanie Rach is the founder; her daughters created the recipe in a home kitchen.

Kathleen King at age 21 opened her first bake shop in New York; the shop is named after her father. The products in this gift basket, including chocolate cookies and macaroons--are based on homemade recipes. She's sold cookies since she was 11.

This delivery company has wine, fruit, and many other products, but this is a favorite of mine. The green apple is bigger than a softball, and the caramel matches up perfectly.

This gift box--you can add an optional gift card for $2--includes truffles like Milk Chocolate Swizzles and Earl Gray flavor. The packaging is impressive and includes a funny memo.

You can customize the packaging for this gift with a company logo or message. The cookies are soft and tasty, like you'd find from a bake shop. Multiple flavors available.

This gift box includes Royal Verano Pears (the product the company sold originally in the 30s), gourmet popcorn, mixed nuts, chocolate truffles, and chocolate cherries.

The word "scrumptious" comes to mind for these candies. Sarah Hart opened her store in 2006 in Portland and sells a variety of chocolate drinks, coffees, and candies.

The recipient of this gift can choose their own candy at the site (from 80 varieties) and have them delivered for free. Two moms started the company to share some happiness.

For this gift, you select a box of nuts and one cookie choice (also made out of nuts) for your employee. The Kyzer family from Augusta, Georgia started this firm.

Betsy Thagard started this company in Newport Beach and, to be honest, I'm thankful she did. You can order larger sizes and flavors--check out their catchy Instagram feed.

Handmade taffy in a cigar box? Shaped like cigars? Seems perfect for any employee. The flavors are electric--e.g. One taste like a root beer float. Includes a free card to write a message.

Started in 1998, this company sends out an entire box of fruit--some of the unique choices include a pomelo and an ataulfo mango. The fruit is mostly organic and comes from small farms in the U.S.

The chocolates have vitamin supplements that help you sleep, stay calm, or pump you up for a workout. Surprisingly, the candy taste delicious (and it's good for you).

Delicious flavors like S-Mores and Mint Cookie Crunch (four pints included with each set) can be customized with your own company logo and a message to the employee.