The time to find out if a gadget is worth bringing on a business trip is not when you arrive at the hotel. Before you go, scan through these products. Each one has been road tested to make sure it deserves a space in the airplane luggage compartment or under the seat in front of you.

The super-slim version of the Tile location tracker is a godsend. I synced one to the Tile app on my iPhone and immediately stuck it in my wallet. Using the app, I can do a search for my wallet in a hotel room or get a chime if I set my wallet down and walk away from it.

As the smartphone industry transitions to wireless-only music (and no headphone jack), the earbuds you use become more important. This set has no wires at all (unlike models from companies like Phiaton); to charge them, you snap into a case the size of your finger.

These tiny snap-on battery chargers can be a life saver on the road. They're meant for one time use, so you can stuff a few of them in your laptop bag and charge up in a pinch. You'll get an extra five hour bump; the chargers come in bright colors like neon yellow.

One of my favorite phones for business travel, the Moto Z has add-ons that snap into place on the back of the phone. You can bring a mini projector for a meeting, a speaker for listening to music in the hotel room, and extra backup batteries if you run low on juice.

If you're going to carry something big and black with your laptop inside, especially if the sun is shining bright, you might as well use it as a solar charger. This solar backpack can power up a USB battery charger (included inside) that powers your phone 1.5 times.

This pocket-sized printer is handy for business travel, even though it's intended for photos. You can print out a quick list of reminders, phone numbers, or even a business card. I used one to make a "copy" of a receipt by snapping a photo and printing it on the spot.

This Windows 10 tablet works as a "real" laptop replacement for doc editing and presentations. It uses the Intel Core m5 or m7 processor, lasts ten hours on a charge, and includes a keyboard cover that lets you snap the device into place using a magnetic connector.

Bluetooth keyboards are often too small for serious work. The K780 is more like a full-size model you'd use at a desk, but it works with your phone or a tablet. There's also a number pad (unlike most smaller keyboards). You can use it at your desk, too, using the included USB receiver.

If you use an iPhone 7 Plus, pick up this handy leather wallet case. There's a compartment on the side for credit cards or your identification. When you travel, it makes it much easier to access the cards (or a folded up boarding pass) without fumbling around for it in a laptop bag.

Mobile projectors are now as useful and powerful as the more cumbersome large footprint models, as long as you don't want to watch a Hollywood movie. In a dark conference room, the Asus ZenBeam E1 worked perfectly for a Keynote presentation from an Apple Macbook. It shines bright at 150 lumens.

The most popular phone of all time now has a better camera, and that's a "plus" for business travelers. You can focus on the foreground subject--say, the new sales team in Boston--and the phone will blur out the background, making shots look more professional. For business, Siri now works with apps like Uber. Handy!

One of my favorite brands--mostly because they always make quality products--the Pack Pro is a durable container for precious cargo like a Macbook (up to 15-inch size) or an iPad Pro. The pack is water resistant and uses rugged zippers that won't get stuck or break.