Life in the great outdoors just got a little more techie. These gadgets--including a pressurized shower system that holds two gallons and a weather-resistant radio--will help you survive at a campsite or on a long bike trip. They're meant for serious outdoor use.

Massive power in a small size, this battery pack can charge a phone 30 times. It's lighter than most battery packs at 11 pounds, and it's water-resistant.

A brilliant smartwatch that uses Android Wear 2.0, this model tracks your movements, has GPS built-in, and uses a unique dual-layer display, one that lasts for months without a charge.

My favorite fitness tracker, the Alta HR reports on your current heart-rate without having to wear a chest strap. It's super-slim, shows calls and texts, and can track how much you sleep.

A fantastic and durable camera, this Nikon model is waterproof, freezeproof, and shockproof. A chest harness lets you wear the camera all day (sold separately).

For a low price, you're getting a lot of tablet. First, it's splashproof which means you can bring it on a trip and not worry too much about rain. The device also lasts 18 hours on a charge.

A stunning smartwatch for people who want to explore the world, the Frontier is rugged (it's fully water-resistant) and stylish, syncs to an iPhone or Android, and runs multiple fitness apps.

This speaker clips to your belt and lasts 16 hours on a charge. The sound is surprisingly robust, and--like most Lifeproof products--is rugged enough to withstand drops and spills.

The LED in this high-end flashlight means it can shine for about 1,000 feet. You can drop it from 20 feet with no issues, and it's fully water-resistant.

A smart lantern that shines bright, the Sitka extends out of the base to brighten up a picnic table or even your entire campsite in the deep darkness.

This high-strength aluminum camping chair is easy to setup (and easy to fold and stash). The bag is included, and rubber feet keep it planted in the ground.

A pressurized shower in the great outdoors? That's what makes the Rinsekit unique -- it holds up to two gallons of water and has enough pressure to remind you of home.

Many Bluetooth speakers play music from your phone, but this compact model also has a built-in AM/FM radio. It's also weather resistant and the controls are easy to use.

A beach towel with a zipper pocket for your phone? That doesn't absorb as much water? This Beachtech product is a smart addition to any tropical excursion.