Tasteful. That's the word to describe these holidays treats, which come in an elegant package, priced right for gifts, and are quite tasty. Which one will you pick?

A creative company name--and a creative product--make Lolli and Pops stand out. This gift box includes chocolates, caramels, peppermint, and cocoa (with marshmallows).

There's some unusual selections in this gift box, including one that tastes like a cinnabon. The cookies have a freshly baked taste, slightly doughy in a good way.

It's a little surprising these treats taste so good, since the company also donates to food banks for every purchase. (Sometimes, that's the main point and not the taste.) There are multiple packs of mixed nuts, chocolates, and candy all packaged individually.

What sets this company apart is that they make some unusual caramels (like Black Lava Sea Salt), but they're not so unique that your gift recipient won't like them. The packaging is tasty, too--each flavor is in a cylinder and individually wrapped.

What I like best about this gift pack? It includes a holiday stocking for stuffing all the treats inside. There's a lollipop, hard candies and chocolate-covered almonds, and toy soldier candy.

New for this year, this tasteful gift box includes some of the signature Godiva chocolates, some hot cocoa and coffee, and a personal favorite of mine: chocolate nut chews.

If you can't find a cheesecake variety you like in this sampler, you might not like cheese cake. There's rocky road, pineapple, and even caramel pecan for the holiday.

Here's a tip. This holiday combo--four steaks (filet mignons and sirloin), two pork chops, au gratin potatoes and apple tartlets--is half price and ships out for free.

The packaging for this 20-ounce bottle (a.k.a., flute) of honey is what grabs you at first. It comes in a wrapped container and includes a wooden dipping spoon.

A personal; favorite, this hot cocoa comes with marshmallows you might just eat on their own. One pack, called Creme Brulee, might be the best marshmallow ever.

The well-known brand offers a gift box that includes dough bites, peppermint park, and chocolate covered pretzels for a surprising mix. Bonus that the price is reasonable.

You can't go wrong with this gift package full of meats, pickles, and cheese. There's a charcuterie called Jamon Iberico de Bellota that is a perfect match for crackers during the football games.

This company makes delicious products you can order online, right from their bakery in Cape Cod. You can mix and match flavors of biscotti like fig and cranberry almond.

A delicious mix of cheese from France, this pack includes two that you spread on crackers. They are smelly (in a good way that gets attention) and tasty. This site does a great job of organizing and suggesting gourmet cheeses and meats.