Shopping for the holidays just got easier. These new products, designed with the discerning techie in mind, offer something unique and innovative. Some of these gift suggestions are unusual enough to make even the nerdiest family member or office buddy happy. Prices range from $45 up to, well, much higher than that.

For the discerning listener, these high-end headphones--which work fine with a laptop, your home stereo, or even a phone or tablet--reproduce pristine audio. There's an unusual warmth to the tones, mostly thanks to how the headphone enclosures and audio drivers work.

This high-quality picture frame has one unique ability. Using an app for Android or iPhone, you can load a high-res 4K photo (in 3240 x 2160 resolution) and store up to 3,000 images locally. The frame adjusts brightness based on the room conditions.

I love that these wooden speakers are hand-made individually. They also simplify the connection--there's a standard red and white RCA connector on the included base (almost made of walnut). The sound has an earthy, resonant quality.

This surround-sound speaker kit produces high-performance audio without the high-performance price (usually, floorstanding speakers cost over $2,000). They XLHTB set sounds pristine, loud, and full for movies or room-filling music in your office.

Not all smartphones work the same. This model by Lenovo is highly unique. It has a 6.4-inch screen, so it works perfect for movies (but you can also make phone calls). Using Google Tango augmented reality, you can mix an app with the real-world--say, to measure furniture.

Here's a gift for any guitar player. What makes it unique? It's like using a high quality home stereo speaker as an amp. Once you plug in, everything you play will be in stereo. There's a tablet or smartphone app you can use to adjust the guitar effects

Apple is now offering these wireless earpods in time for the holidays--make sure you order right away, though. They are unique in that each earbud sends a different signal for stereo and, of course, you can talk to Siri, make phone calls, and they charge up easily in a case.

The outstanding quality of this piano with full-size keys blew me away. The sound is realistic, and the feel (for anyone who has played a grand piano) is familiar. On board, there's a 5.3-inch screen for selecting your sound and recording up to 16 tracks to make a full song.

This highly unique RC truck is a replica of a real full-size truck. It can climb up rocks, drive easily over sand, and even splash through a raging waterfall (of micro-size). The setup is easier than most older RC vehicles and you don't need any training to operate one.

You'll swear there are more speakers in the room when you use the Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar and sub. It produces realistic surround-sound audio for movies. You can connect up using HDMI from your television, optical audio from a receiver, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from your phone.

At 900 lumens, this portable projector is perfect for movie night (and the price is not overwhelming). It's short-throw, which means it can sit up close to the screen. The Wi-Fi on-board means you can connect from a phone, tablet, or laptop to stream.

The major perk with these head-worn goggles is that you can see a 10-foot screen, even if you live in a small apartment. A head-tracking system means, when you watch a movie or play a game, the screen changes based on where you look.

Here's a unique experience. At the Xbox Design Lab site, you can design your own Xbox controller--including picking the colors for the triggers, the thumbsticks, and even the buttons.

This brilliant product is for outdoorsy coffee drinkers. And, you don't have to be a barista. The container includes a cloth filter. You measure and add the coffee, heat up the water, and pour over exactly like they do at the high-end coffee shops. Makes 50 fluid ounces.

Published on: Dec 14, 2016
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