In case you haven't heard the news, Apple just released the new iPhone 6s. It's packed with features, but the most impressive new spec is that the phone now has a 12 megapixel camera. That's super-sharp and super-helpful. Many other recent phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9, sport a high-resolution camera as well.

Next time you go on a business trip, you can rely on the camera in your phone (Android or iPhone) to keep you organized, reduce stress, and stay on schedule. Here's how.

1. Parking spot

It all starts at the airport or hotel. Make sure you snap a quick photo of the parking garage sign closest to your spot (like C10) so you don't have to remember it.

2. Car license plate

Go ahead and snap a photo of the license plate for your rental car. It can help you the most when you check into the hotel and you need to fill out a form for your car.

3. Receipts

I usually snap a quick photo of my receipts. You can worry about how you use them later or use an app like Shoeboxed. I usually save them to Evernote and print them out during tax time.

4. Valet ticket

When I'm in Las Vegas, I usually snap a photo of my valet ticket. All the attendant really needs is the number (and proof of identify if you lose the stub).

5. Book reminders

I'm known to be a voracious reader. At conferences or at airport bookstores, when I see a book I want to read, I snap a quick photo of the cover as a reminder to order it later on Amazon.

6. People

It might seem odd to take a picture of people you meet, but let them know you want to update your contacts (even if you just save it with their name as an image).

7. Hotel room number

That little ticket they give you when you check in has your room number on it. You might think you'll remember 2342 is your room number. Snap a photo of the ticket just in case.

8. Wi-Fi password

If you stay a hotel or visit a company that has protected Wi-Fi, you might get a slip with a Wi-Fi password. Snap a photo of the number as a quick reminder.

9. Your driver's license

Snap a photo of your license as a backup in case you need the number. I've never tried it, but maybe you can use it as proof of identity if you lose your license and need to get through airport security. (Side note: If you do, TSA usually asks you questions as a way to prove identity.)

10. Your food

Again, it might seem odd, but if you are trying to lose weight, take a photo of your food. Decide to eat one main meal three times a day and only enough to fit in one photo.

11. Boarding pass

A photo of your boarding pass will probably get you on the plane, unless it's blurry. At the very least, it reminds you of the gate number to request another one.

12. Your printed schedule

That's right, I sometimes print out my meeting schedule and snap a photo. It's a bit lazy, but it's just a backup in case I can't get service and access the schedule on Google Calendar.

13. Cool gadgets

I snap photo of gadgets I see in stores or the ones my colleagues are using. It helps me remember to investigate the gadget later.

14. Presentation slides

I sometimes snap a photo of a presentation slide I want to remember or look into later. Some have great stats or information, others have company names or even business contacts.

15. Badges

If you meet someone at a conference, snap a photo of their badge. It helps you remember their name and title, their location, and that you met them at the conference.

16. The scenery

Don't forget to just take photos for fun when you travel. It helps you remember the trip and the events you attend. It solidifies the experience.