Twitter makes headlines when the stock price falls or they tweak their character limits. Yet, for most of us, it is a way of life. It's how we make company announcements, connect with influential people in the industry, and learn about trends. It is woven into the fabric of business. Interestingly enough, anything "woven" sometimes becomes routine. We post the same way, we forget to find influencers, we rely on staid techniques. These experts are here to help. They've called out specific, actionable and practical ways to get more out of Twitter.

Here are the tips:

1. Create a daily engagement list

"Create a 'people to engage with daily' list and spend five minutes over your morning cup of coffee engaging, replying, liking, and retweeting. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason: Listen more. Promote less." - Michelle Dziuban, Social Media Manager, Cision 

2. Tweet at least 3-5 tweets per day

"When it comes to Twitter, consistency is key. Don't expect to see great numbers if you only tweet once a day. Schedule 3-5 tweets a day at various times and make sure you engage with others. Unless you're already famous, it will require interaction with others to build a following." - Nick Brennan, Founder & CEO, Watch Social Media

3. Learn how your audience uses Twitter

"First and foremost, know who your audience is--different audiences use Twitter at various times throughout the week. If you are focused on the B2C market, you will see your followers be more active on the weekends and for whatever reason, Wednesdays according to research. To engage the B2B audience, focus on pushing content out during the workweek, specifically in the morning when they are likely catching up on industry news and then in the evening in-between dinner and bedtime. With many tools such as Followerwonk, Audiense, or Tweriod available to you, there is no reason not to educate yourself about your followers habits and apply that data to your social strategy." - Katie Welch, digital marketing specialist, Flowroute

4. Follow the 80/20 rule for posts

"Instead of just posting tweets all about your business, follow the 80/20 rule. Make sure 80% of what you share provides value to your followers, such as an interesting news article about your industry, helpful tips and tricks or a fascinating infographic. Then, for the remaining 20%, feel free to promote your company." - Emily Sidley, Senior Director of Publicity, Three Girls Media

5. Use Buzzsumo for searches

"Forget Google, the first place you should search for influencers related to your business is Login to the platform and start with a basic search for keywords relevant to your brand. Then find the stories that have been shared most, click 'view sharers' and you'll be looking at a scalable list of accounts who are actively engaging with content related to your field. These are the people who you'll want to add to a Twitter list (something you can easily do without leaving the platform) and engage with in a genuine way to build mutually beneficial expert/journalist relationships with." - Jason Myers, Senior Account Executive, The Content Factory

6. Tweet, then run an ad

"Upload your email subscriber list to Twitter ads using Twitter Audiences and each time you publish new content, launch an ad targeting those subscribers' on Twitter. It's a low-cost 1-2 promotion punch to grow awareness and double social media shares." - Steven Macdonald, Digital Marketing Manager, SuperOffice

7. Use hashtags to your advantage

"Observe the trends on Twitter for each day and post a tweet with the relevant hashtag used for the trending topic. Your tweet should connect the trend with your business. You may retweet if someone in your influencers or followers circle has tweeted on the trending topic or start you own thread. Remember the trend you pick should be relevant to your business and is of interest to your followers." - Anubhuti Lalchandani, Lead Marketing and Influence, Wooqer

8. Use Buffer to create a post list

"Use an application such as Buffer to manage your posts across all your social media. Buffer let's me just create a 'post list' that it cycles through automatically, posting the content at the time at which it will get the most engagement with my followers.  As well as posting my own content (which I create) it also enables me to add third-party content to my posting schedule with an easy to use browser extension (so I see something I like on a random website and then click a button--it is added to my list which will automatically be scheduled). It saves an incredible amount of time." - Siamac Rezaiezadeh, Co-Founder, Concierge99

9. Scatter your scheduled posts

"Scatter your best performing tweets. The chances that someone will read your tweet at the exact moment you post it are fairly low, so take your best (or most important) content and schedule it out multiple times over several days. This increases visibility for your best tweets and is a better method than choosing specific times a day to post." - Simon Tam, Marketing Director, Oregon Environmental Council

10. Give people an incentive to tweet

"The best way to get more users to share your tweet is to use tools such as Click To Tweet, which allows users to click a link with a pre-made tweet. Another great tool is Pay With a Tweet, which allows users to get a freebie (such as an ebook) in return for a tweet. This makes it more accessible for users to share your content on Twitter!" - Arooj Sheikh, CEO, Mera Marketing

11. Start with an influential blog

"A good way to find Twitter thought leaders is to search for industry related blogs on Google. If you find a well written, knowledgeable article, then look up the author's bio on the blog post. Most author bios include a link to their Twitter account. That's how you can follow them. Make sure to Tweet their article and include their @userhandle to give them credit. This way you get on their radar, giving you an opportunity to network with them." - Zaki Usman, CEO, InterQ

12. Recycle tweets

"Don't be afraid to recycle old tweets. Only about 1-4% of your followers even see each tweet, let alone engage with it. If you want more followers to see more of your content, try retweeting things at different times of the day and rephrasing them if necessary." - Austin Miller, Head of Content Marketing, and Editor in Chief, Pop Ramen News

13. Hold a Twitter Chat to find brands

"Twitter Chats are not dead--in fact, they are one of the most direct ways you can reach your audience and peers. Think about it--a captive audience tuning in for one hour on Twitter to talk about a specific topic? A no-brainer for your clients and/or company. Tweet chats put you in direct contact with brands, influencers and others that share a common interest." - Emily Hickey, Social Media Manager, Power Digital Marketing

14. Take advantage of Twitter lists

"Lists allow you to follow far more people in an organized way. Instead of having a ratatouille of various industry information, personal status updates and cat pictures, utilize categorized, curated news feeds created by yourself or others (Hint: You can subscribe to other Twitter users' lists) to stay in the know on the specific topics and profiles you care about in the moment." - Halie Noble, Marketing Manager, CodeCraft School of Technology

15. Get visual with tweets

"Include an image in every tweet. No excuses." - Sarah Mitus, Digital Strategist, InkHouse Media + Marketing

16. Add value to a tweet that targets an influencer

"To gain more followers, start with industry influencers and your competitors.   You can use tools like BuzzSumo or Klout to find influencers and competitors. Follow people who are following and interacting with them. If these people do not follow you back, retweet or respond to a few of their tweets.  If this doesn't work, tweet at them by adding value to their day, ex. '@xyz, you might like the article in NY Times--seems aligned with what you're saying'." - Jessica Chalk, CEO, TrafficSoda

17. Use TweetChat to find influencers

"Identify the top Twitter chats relevant to your industry. I have on my calendar all of the weekly or monthly Twitter chats within the marketing space and jumping into an established chat is the quick and dirty way to engage and gain a serious boost in followers. TweetChat is a free tool that helps you keep up during the session and identify the most influential participants." - Christine Rochelle, Director of Digital Marketing, lotus823

18. Look for Twitter trends and capitalize on them

"Looking to get more followers, mentions, and retweets? Click the search button, and look at the top trending hashtags. Craft your next tweet using one, or more, of those hashtags, and you'll get in front of everyone participating in that conversation." - Brent J. Broadnax, Managing Partner, NerdBox

19. Use Twitter Lists to turns influencers into followers

"Twitter Lists are rarely talked about, but they can be a great way to segment out the noise of followers to create a news feed specific to a topic or group. Adding influencers to lists can also help get them to look at who you are." - Charlie Riley, Director of Marketing, Lawley

20. Use keyboard shortcuts

"Twitter has more than 25 keyboard shortcuts to make your experience quicker and more efficient. Some of the shortcuts include 'G H' for returning to the home screen, 'R' for reply and 'G U' to go to a specific user.Find all of the shortcuts by clicking on your profile picture then scrolling down to Keyboard shortcuts." - Amy Sheridan, CEO, Blue Phoenix Media, @webvixen

21. Help a reporter on deadline

"Once you've established a relationship with a reporter be sure to keep track of their coverage. Watch out for tweets asking for help, especially on deadline. Even if it doesn't directly benefit the company your working for your support goes a lot further than you realize." - Pilar Fernandez, Social Media Manager, ForceManager

22. Stop focusing on likes

"Stop focusing on the number of likes. Instead focus and measure the number of engagements. How many people do you talk to and respond to? How many respond to you? The likes and followers will me." - RJ Martino, President, iProv