We've come a long way in the evolution of smartphone apps, such that we have reached an existential crisis. Every worthwhile app already exists, so why not create apps that are not worthwhile? Here are my top picks for the ones that will make you question reality.

1. Binky?

I don't claim to understand the purpose of this app. It's a fake newsreader, so all of the stories are not actually real. You can swipe and like all day, and those gestures won't do anything. It seems like an experiment in absurdist humor.

2. Eggggg: The Platform Puker?

Who thinks of these games? Really creative types, I'm guessing. The point of this platformer is to puke as much as possible, then make your way through various brightly colored levels. Ironically, it's a bit challenging and fun.

3. S.M.T.H.

Once again, this is an app for people who have seen everything. The name stands for Send Me to Heaven and that's exactly what you do: The app tracks how high you can throw your phone. By the way, it is banned on the Apple store.

4. Hold On

This app is similar to Binky in that it doesn't really have a solid reason to exist. You hold down a button for as long as possible. The app tracks your score. That's about it. If you can beat my score of 10 minutes drop me an email.