You walk into work and your fellow employees bow before you as a show of respect. You have a T-shirt that says "Getting It Done" that you wear almost everyday. You are a productivity stud (or studette).

Yet, there's still this annoying little voice inside your head that says you can squeak out a little more work, get a little more done...get a few more people to bow.

You've come to the right place. These are my tips for those who already have a high level of productivity but are looking for that extra boost. I've employed these techniques myself only recently and found they can get me through the day just a bit smoother.

1. Decide to finish a task before even starting it

Behavior experts tell us the best way to change a bad habit is to make a plan. For someone dieting, that might mean buying healthy food on Saturday that last all week when you know by the end of the week you might give in to pizza. The same truth applies to productivity. You can't just make a list and expect to finish everything. When you start a task or project, decide before you even begin that you will finish it all the way through no matter what. Try it, even if you a productivity pro. It works.

2. Practice mental toughness even on the small things

I've thought a lot about wisdom lately and how to define it. It's really the act of making small, smart decisions over time that make you a wise person. What if you can use that same principle when it comes to your daily work? See each task as something you need to push through. I don't mean seeing it as drudgery or a pain, but welcome the challenge. Embrace it. Don't just "accept the challenge" of designing a Web site for the company and get excited about that as a general goal. Take on the task of making a new logo for the site and challenge yourself with that one task, then the next.

3. Get really detailed about personal accountability

I believe real change happens in the workplace (and in life) through accountability. The best leaders know how to inspire creative thinking one project and one employee at a time. Take advantage of that when it comes to getting things done. Seek a mentor who is willing to get detailed with you about your tasks. At the same time, avoid mentoring that is too general and not intended to help you excel. That means avoiding a mentor who just wants to feel good about themselves. The goal is for you to improve.

4. Learn how to brag

My final tip might seem too egocentric. Remember, there's good bragging and bad bragging. The bad kind is where you trumpet your accomplishments in a false way to build confidence. People think you have a big ego and not much else. Good bragging is the ability to recognize your abilities and let others know when you have accomplished something. How does it help? If you are genuinely productive, remember to seek credit as a way to inspire you to finish your work the next time. It works wonders.