If you're like me, you stick with the same old apps year after year. I love Slack, rely heavily on FlightAware, and tend to keep a few oddballs on my home screen. These include random vacuum bot apps like Neato, Noom for helping me track meals, and one called SeatGeek for those last-minute ticket purchases. I will experiment with a new app like TikTok, realize it's for teenagers, and delete it. Yet, I'm a glutton for routine. I like my "safe" apps. I'm still using SproutSocial since I wrote about it in the dark ages.

Recently, I looked into a few new apps that seem like they will stick around. It's funny, because I'm already using them more than the old standbys. (Sorry, Calm app.) If you, also, find these are earthshattering and useful, drop me a line and let me know.


This email client is the one you want if you feel like you're drowning in an email flood. What I like most is that it cuts out the email fluff automatically, helping me focus on the ones that matter. And you see notifications for only the most important emails.


I had not really heard of the Streaks app until a few weeks ago. It's a task manager with a killer feature. You pick up to 12 tasks and then work on them every day. This mix of habit formation and our innate desire to finish things works so well.

Dark Sky

One of the things I really hate about most weather apps is that they are pretty general--they give you a forecast only for your ZIP code. Dark Sky uses real-time weather data for your specific location and forecasts about an hour into the future.  


I'm an avid cyclist, so when I found out there's an app to help me get around in a crowded downtown area, it was a must-download. Citymapper shows all the available routes, from bikes to buses, in real time so you can find the best way to get through traffic.