Do you ever find yourself in any of these awkward situation? Not anymore. The smartphone has alleviated most of the uncomfortable silences that occur on elevators and the weirdness that happens when you arrive at a meeting that hasn't started yet. Say goodbye to these situations, they won't ever happen again.

1. Elevator awkwardness

I was just in Miami, and awkward elevator glances among strangers don't happen anywhere. I know many elevators don't even get a signal, but you can always play Angry Birds.

2. Sitting in silence when a meeting doesn't start on time

Is there such a thing as a meeting delay anymore? I'd say there are periods of time when you can stay productive on your phone before a meeting starts a bit later than planned.

3. Someone takes a call in a meeting

Have you been in a meeting with someone and they suddenly take a call? There was a time when this created some awkwardness. Now, it just means we can finally check our email.

4. Waiting for a hotel clerk

I've stood awkwardly at a hotel desk before, waiting for eons while the clerk takes a call or deals with a computer glitch. You can gloss over any weirdness by pulling out your phone.

5. Waiting for an interview

There's no reason to feel awkward anymore when you are waiting in the lobby for a job interview. You can now use your phone to check up on the news. Just remember to stash your phone quick when the person interviewing you arrives.