Summer is all about taking vacations from the office and hitting the open road, especially in August. These high-tech cars offer some roadtrip amenities like a soft-top roof that retracts quickly at the push of a button, integration with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and a brand new touchscreen system from Ford that debuts with a sportier small SUV.

If you don't have fun in this roadster, you're not driving it the right way. At 332-horsepower, it packs a nice punch. Techie features include a retractable soft-top roof that operates in just 20 seconds; the latches fold in and out automatically, and there are buttons for the roof either from the center console or on the door (for retracting only when you are not seated).

You might think this hot summer car is all about the styling, and you'd be right. The 2015 rating for 0-60 acceleration is 3.7 seconds with a 450-horsepower engine. Out this fall, the 2016 model has the latest tech advances, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for running your apps through the built-in touchscreen and, if course, OnStar 4G LTE service

Your next summer car doesn't need to break the bank. This low-priced cabrio (the roof folds down behind you) is a must-drive. The cloth top retracts at the push of a button, even if you are driving 60MPH (then folds back up if you are going under 50MPH). Meanwhile, if you open the rear hatch, the cloth top pulls up out of the way automatically.

Ford is pulling out all of the stops on this small SUV that's fun to drive, especially around tight corners. It's the first car to feature the radically improved Sync 3 with better voice commands (you don't have to be quite as specific about playing music and getting directions) and a much better touchscreen. Bonus that the Escape is now sportier — up to 231 horsepower.

Available just in time for this month, this new version of the sleek FR-S adds a new 7-inch touchscreen and voice activated features for controlling the nav and audio. The car also has a new back-up camera to help you get out of tight parking spots. The big selling point? The price is not too exorbitant for a true low-to-the-ground sports car that drives like you're on a track.