Today is the day we go a little nuts at the shopping mall. Yet, if you're still wondering which gadgets make the most sense as gifts for the holidays, there are a few that stand out. I've tested all of these gadgets extensively and they're my top picks. For each gadget, I've also listed out a good buy for Black Friday shopping.

My favorite laptop right now, the x360 doesn't try to set the world on fire. It's a slim, powerful, and light notebook that converts into a tablet. (You flip the screen all the way around.) The keys are responsive and well-spaced, even for speed typists. HP trimmed the price to $800 for the holidays.

This unique tablet is perfect for reading books, as I found out on a plane recently. It is shaped like a hardcover so you can hold it in one hand. As an added perks, you can sue a stylus, type on a touch keyboard, or take notes with a real pen that convert to digital notes. Best place to buy one is at for $500.

This amazing smartphone is the one every Android lover wants this holiday. Why is that? For starters, a voice assistant can answer detailed questions like "how many miles is it from Chicago to Denver?" and speak the answer. The camera takes bright, colorful images. If you sign a Verizon contract, you get monthly deductions on your bill.

Go for the larger iPhone 7 Plus model as a gift over the holidays. The larger screen means easier typing, better-looking Netflix videos, or more room for games. In my tests, the camera makes the larger iPhone worth it because you can zoom in and take better portrait shots. If you buy one at Target, you get a $250 gift card.

This speaker is affordable and packs some serious punch. Bands like Boxer Rebellion sound loud with strong bass you can hear from across the room. It lets you control the lights in your house, too. A voice assistant can even remind you to take a nap over the holidays. If you buy one at Best Buy, it says you $30 off the normal price.