Sometimes, it just takes one app to help you get organized.

I tested all of these new apps on an iPhone X and loved how they improved my workday (and helped me share a few family recipes). Will you try them out, too?


Let's face it, managing contacts is a major pain. Cardhop makes it much more fluid. You can type a name and a keyword like "call sue" or "email bob" and the app does the work for you.


Next time you are in a meeting, try the Otter app. You can use it to record a conversation, and then convert all of the recorded audio to text.

The Fabulous

I love the Fabulous app because of the simplicity. It's a way to learn new habits, hidden within a daily planner app. And, it works: I started biking more because of the app.


Cozi is a shared calendar app you can use with family, friends, or co-workers. I know someone who uses it to share all family recipes.


The Notion note-taking app has a full database backend you can use for storing just about anything you can think of, including book lists, recipes, and even code for your website.