The term "content marketing" is an important one if you want to run a business. It's a mix of written material, photography, video, and other assets you use to promote your firm, usually on social media. And yet, how do you know which gear to even use?

Recently, I tested out several products that will fit nicely on a team charged with producing marketing content. This is high-end gear, but you don't need to be perfectly acquainted with every feature to get the most of the products or produce the content you need.

When I tested this camera, I couldn't believe the results. It has an incredibly fast shutter, so it's really ideal for action shots and any movement. I used it at the X-Games taking photos of skateboarders catapulting into the air. You might use it capture your team playing sand volleyball or biking around town, then posting the shots on Facebook. One of my favorite features: You can set the camera to snap 20 picture sin quick succession. The camera has a 24.2-megapixel full-frame image sensor and shoots 4K videos.

A drone is only as good as the footage you capture. I like how the Karma uses the well-known GoPro camera on an electronic gimbal, which I'm already familiar with from using it while biking. I had no trouble controlling the drone, landing, and even doing a few cool swooping maneuvers. It flies up to 35 miles per hour and captures photos and videos with stunning color quality and resolution. Plus, when you are done with the drone, you can use the GoPro for other purposes on a handheld gimbal.

This 360-degree camera is what you want to create visual interest on social media. With four microphones and two cameras, the VIRB records 360-degree videos and snaps photos you can then post to YouTube and other platforms. The user can then move the mouse to pan around the video or photo. The camera is waterproof and rugged enough to withstand drops and quite a bit of jostling. It's for action sports, but there's no reason you can't make videos to show customers an office or product. Here's an example:

The latest iPhone uses new camera technology to improve clarity and color, but my favorite feature adds a soft lighting effect. It means you can add the lighting effect using the Portrait Lighting setting on an image, including shots of your office or the team. Videos you record use 4K resolution as well. And, we're talking about convenience here. You can pull out the iPhone 8 Plus for a quick series of photos at a meet and greet or company picnic and then use them on social media without compromising.

For indoor video footage--say, of your startup with people sitting at their desks or a pan shot of your lobby--consider the Moment drone. It's not quite available yet but I tested one inside an office and on a college campus. It records in 4K, and you don't have to worry about hitting someone with the blades, since they are all housed in a plastic shell. You can even launch it and then retrieve the drone by hand without having to land it (using an automatic return to home option). The Moment also snaps 12-megapixel photos.