Millennials are a different breed. That's been pretty well established. How you work with them, when you should fire them, and what they want in the workplace–you have to adjust your thinking to at least understand their needs. These new stats should help. They reveal a few key findings about what Millennials expect and want out of work.

1. Over 85 percent now own a smartphone (Nielsen survey)

It's obvious that Millennials are incredibly mobile and rely more on apps than any other age group. But this number is much higher than the national average. According to Pew Research, only about two-thirds of Americans now own a smartphone. By contrast, it’s very unusual when a Millennial does not have a smartphone.

2. 41 percent struggle with information overload (Delvv Mobile Overload survey)

Only 31 percent of the older generations (baby boomers and Gen-X) say they struggle with info overload. Employers should take that into consideration and offer methods and tools to help Millennials. Standardizing the use of a few important apps, like Evernote and Dropbox, might help with the overload. And employers should also do what they can to condense information.

3. 67 percent say they found their current job on Facebook (Jobvite Job Seeker Nation survey)

The same survey noted that 31 percent found their job on Instagram. The takeaway here is: Make sure you post job openings on social media. Millennials are spending their free time surfing social networks and tend to use those same channels to find a job.

4. 51 percent can't go more than three hours without checking their phone (Delvv Mobile Overload survey)

That's a wake-up call about how to run meetings and one-on-ones. Keep them short and to the point, because you are going to lose the attention of anyone in their 20s. This survey result reveals that Millennials want to stay in constant contact.

5. They are twice as likely to leave their job after three years than thirtysomethings (Jobvite Job Seeker Nation survey)

Millennials don't stick around long. That is, unless they have a compelling reason to stay and keep learning. This survey found that Millennials need a good reason to stay on the job, and one of the best ways to keep them is to constantly offer training and options for conferences.