The cloud is changing our daily tech rituals. In the past, it was wise to make a backup of your important business documents or make sure you archived your email. Now, we leave those activities to Google or Microsoft, since the information typically lives online.

Yet, these five rituals should become part of your daily routine. Without practicing these tech habits, you expose your company to security issues, create problems in business operations, and can even lose customers.

1. Check for security threats

Running a business can be hectic and stressful, but make sure you at least check the major news or a threat detection site like this one. You don't want to be in the dark about some new hack related to your e-mail or cloud storage provider. If there is a hack and you don't take action, your company can be vulnerable and exposed--or even legally liable. Symantec does a good job of showing a quick threat indicator to find out in a glance if there is a problem. Also, if there's a major new virus, you should know.

2. Glance at your e-mail login activity

OK, so you don't need to make an e-mail archive anymore. (If you are still using the desktop version of Outlook and retrieve e-mail from the server and delete it, welcome to 2006. You still need to make archives.) You should double-check to see if anyone else has been logging in to your e-mail (or any other web service you use daily like In Gmail, that's just a quick glance to the lower right of your e-mail list. If anyone else is accessing your e-mail, make sure you change your password right away.

3. Do an Internet speed test

It's easy to forget to do this one, but it's important. If you are having Internet speed problems, you might not know it. Things will just run a bit slower--all day, in every app and at every site. Create a quick bookmark in your browser to and run a the check each morning. You'll be glad you did if you need to check with your service provider about a slowdown.

4. Check your social feeds for issues

Social media is mostly about low-cost marketing, making connections, and learning about new trends. However, as a daily ritual, it's a good idea to make a quick sweep on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites and see if anyone is speaking negatively about you or your company. Then, take action. Defend your services and correct any claims that are based on false information. Or, ask the poster to remove the comment.

5. Visit your own site

Here's one last daily ritual, after you have made sure there are no security issues and the Internet is running fine. Visit your own site each day to make sure you don't have a problem with the domain host (like GoDaddy) or with the code. It's a good idea to click a couple of links. Just make sure customers can access the site. None of these rituals take too much time, but they will help you keep tabs of tech.