After testing the  Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a few months, I can tell you there are really obvious differences compared with the recent iPhone models.

I mean, really obvious.

The S10+ is the bigger, 6.4-inch version of the latest Galaxy phones. I would argue that the iPhone has Android beat in terms of design, innovative apps, and a few other areas. The divide is not as pronounced as it once was, though.

I've been using smartphones since they first launched, and even long before that when "feature phones" ruled the world. I don't have any distinct preferences between Android phones and the iPhone, and I've stayed impartial about which models help you stay the most productive. Yet, on these points, the S10+ was far superior in ways that should give even diehard iPhone users a run for their money.

1. Brighter and better screen

I started shooting videos with the S10+ right away after Samsung sent me a loaner, and I noticed how my finished videos looked more crisp and colorful compared with those from an iPhone X. It helps that there is no "notch" on the S10+, and that the AMOLED display looks brighter in a side-by-side comparison with other Android phones and iPhones.

2. Expansive photos 

The S10+ can capture amazing widescreen images that are noticeably better than any panoramas you can capture with any iPhone. It's no contest. If your goal is to capture widescreen photos (say, like the one below), the Galaxy S10+ and smaller Galaxy S10 are better phones for capturing images. It means more friends can squeeze into a group photo, and those stunning vistas on vacation won't be trimmed at the edges.

3. Easier security

I will argue that the fingerprint reader on the S10+ is faster, more convenient, and more powerful than the face detection on the latest iPhone models. I tested the reader on the S10+ for many weeks, and it was always accurate and fast. On the iPhone X I've been testing, face detection sometimes doesn't work (especially if I'm wearing sunglasses). I also don't like having to look at the phone to unlock it. The onscreen reader on the S10+ is a major perk.

4. Wireless charging with a buddy

Recent iPhone models have wireless charging built in, and it's a real timesaver. Yet the S10 also lets you charge your phone by using another phone. I didn't expect that to come up too often, but then again I do work at coffee shops a lot. It's a great backup plan.

5. Gaming prowess

I won't dwell on this one, because I mostly care about productivity on phones. But the truth is, on a long flight, I'd rather bring along the fast S10+ with its bright and colorful screen to play a game like Dr. Mario World. I've found that some of the better high-end smartphone games tend to drop on Android first (although some of the most innovative games start out on iPhone). Overall, the S10+ felt like a better gaming machine because of the screen.