Apple is slowly turning Siri, the virtual assistant for iPad and iPhone, into a legitimate (and artificially intelligent) robot. You might already know you can ask her to tell you jokes and read a text message. In a recent iOS 9 update, which you can download for free, Apple added a few new features which might prove handy for business users. Here are my top picks.

1. "Remind me to read this text later."

There are times when you see a new text message arrive and you want to read it, but you can't because you are boarding a plane or jumping into the car. You can quickly tell Siri to remind you about the text message later, and she'll do just that. Siri now has better context sensitivity and understands what you mean by “this” text as the most recent.

2. "What's the forecast for the weekend?"

Siri has always done a pretty good job of telling you about the weather, but now the forecasts are more detailed and helpful. You can get a pretty good idea whether there will be rain or sunny skies for the coming weekend and then plan accordingly.

3. "Hey Siri"

I'm surprised how many iPhone users don't know about this feature. You have to enable it in settings, but it allows you to say the phrase to get Siri to respond rather than holding down the Home button and releasing. It only works if you are connected to the charger, unless you have the new iPhone 6s. If you so, Siri will respond even when you are not charging.

4. "Minnesota Vikings"

I like that Siri now responds even when you are a little vague. If you say the name of your favorite sports team, you can get a quick summary of the last (or current) game. It's a great way to keep up on your teams when you are travelling or not sitting in front of the game at home.

5. "Convert two grams to pounds."

I used this one when I am doing reviews now, because gadget specs almost always use grams or centimeters when talking about the weight or size. You can ask Siri to do the conversion for you and she'll give you the answer, rather than typing it into Google.

6. "Get the Evernote app."

You can now ask Siri to find apps, which is helpful especially if you get a new phone and need to load your favorite apps (if you don't already have an account that loads them for you). It's a sign of things to come. Siri can do things for you that mean you can finger-type less.