This is the last week of summer, you are having a company cookout right? These products will help you show some appreciation to your entire staff.

Reasonably priced from about $7 or $8 per pack, this 70-year old company sells German sausages online. There are many options like Cooked Bratwurst, Irish Bangers Hungarian, and Polish Kolbase and they are fully cooked, so grilling is optional.

This sampler from includes the ribs, briskets, chop chicken, and hash you need for a small employee picnic. The ribs are cooked daily and shipped; they use a unique South Carolina mustard sauce. Order by Wednesday to make it by Labor Day.

Considered the finest cooked fish available by many, this pack includes four branzini fillets. The company also offers striped bass fillets, dry scallops, and even whole crabs. The best part is, they ship anywhere in the US in a cooler to keep everything fresh.

Make sure you add a few bottles of this BBQ sauce to your picnic. The sauce is made using a dry-rub process that originated in Jamaica. The mix of spices (peppers and pimentos) brings out the natural flavor of the meat.

These natural hot dogs are made by hand in Vermont then brined with maple and smoked over corn cobs. They have a subtle bacon flavor that's not overwhelming.

The crown jewel of any company cookout, these top-of-the-line filet mignon burgers will be a crowd-pleaser. They are tender like a steak but easy to cook on the grill. Each burger weighs 6 ounces.