Business travel can be a necessary evil, but it doesn't have to be. You can be as productive in an airplane as you are sitting at your desk in a quiet office. What makes all of the difference? Having the best gadgets available that run fast and reliably, improve efficiency, and don't cause any extra stress. These are my top picks right now for even the true travel gurus. Which one will you try on that flight to Phoenix?

Focus is everything on a business trip. These wireless earbuds are the best you will find without paying through the nose. They're made of metal so the sound is sublime, and you can customize the EQ for your own music preference. The Buds last eight hours when you use the included Charging Clip (portable charging pods that add another four hours). The best part? Unlike the earbuds included with your phone, these Buds fit snugly and won't fall out.

What makes this tablet so travel friendly is that it can morph into the machine you want, when you want it. Modules snap onto the bottom for extra battery life, a projector, and even a 3D scanner that imports objects onto the tablet for printing on a 3D printer. (The last two will be available soon, the battery is available now.) The X1 is a capable Windows 10 tablet; the keyboard snaps into the module as well and has raised keys and the famous Lenovo pen mouse controller.

If you travel often, this is a good smartphone for you. There are modules that snap on the bottom portion including one that adds battery life. For now, you can also add modules for high-quality speakers and a camera grip that adds extra buttons for zoom, focus, and exposure. Eventually, LG could add modules with even higher capacity batteries, a projector, and a better camera. The Android phone has a colorful and bright screen thanks to AMOLED tech.

It's been out for a bit, but this "smart" luggage product is the one you want if you are concerned about security. It locks using an app on your phone (and can lock and unlock automatically when you are near it), and the suitcase will warn you if you leave it at the gate. You can also finds its GPS location. The Bluesmart suitcase has a built-in battery charger for your phone as well using a USB port.

One struggle for serious business travelers is that we often have to leave the "power" behind. We can't run high-end apps, do serious document editing, or edit a video. This powerful laptop uses the fastest Intel Core i7 processor and has a massive 15.6-inch screen. The SSD (flash) drive is also super-fast, so editing photos and videos works the same as a desktop. The display runs in 4K so you can spot every blemish (and fix it) in that new company photo for your website.

Make sure you have a backup battery case for your phone. This model works with the iPhone 6 and adds one additional full charge on the road. It's fully waterproof in case you get your phone too close to a lobby fountain. Even more important? The case offers military-grade protection if you drop your phone on the runway and it's made from a thick, high-quality material. Plus, it just looks cool.