Let's get this done, with or without the flaky Wi-Fi in most hotels.

These gadgets are designed to help you keep working no matter what, even if your flight is delayed or the power goes out in your hotel room. The real gurus know it is all about using the right gadget for the job. When you have a terrible smartphone or forget to bring a backup battery, you can't work--even if you have bright ideas. This gear...rocks.

This scale has a hidden feature. You can also use it as a phone or tablet charger in your room, which means you can keep working and weigh your gear before the flight.

Sleep is an important part of your productivity in a hotel room. The Nightingale face-plate covers (two are included) for wall outlets emit pleasing ambient noise to help you sleep.

The latest smartphone from Samsung is fast and sleek. It has more storage than most models. You can expand the device with up to 256GB of memory for all of your files to keep working, using a standard microSD card.

The small location tracker works on the plane and in your room. It can notify you if your baggage is not on board. In your room, it alerts you if your bags are stolen.

This mobile charger uses USB-C so it charges fast and provides plenty of power--even for charging an iPad. It pumps out 33% more power than other backup battery chargers.

A well-built laptop like the HP x360 can withstand the rigors of the road. In your room, you might not need to bother charging up. The x360 lasts over 16 hours.