Before the New Year, there's still time to make a quick donation to one of these charities. It will work as a deduction on your taxes and, more importantly, help these organizations and the people in need who rely on their services. Which one will you pick right now?

That's right, you can pay for a water buffalo and calf for a community in need. The great thing about this donation is that it is a gift that lasts for years and, as an ancillary benefit, the family who receives it can start a business and help the community even more. Disclosure: I donate to this organization

This one is so quick and easy. Also, it gives you some bragging rights at your big bash tomorrow. (Just choose your words carefully around the boss.) You can pay for manure to be used by a farmer in an area of need. It;s used as a fertilizer and you choose how much.

Another innovative gift involving animals, you pay for a rabbit, a llama, a sheep, and an alpaca that provides milk and wool for a family. The best part about this gift is that it also helps them start a business and provides food and warmth. You can also just pay for a share of the gift.

Milk is one of the most sought after donations for kids and yet one of the least common donations. This site helps you change that. You can specifically earmark your donation as part of a Feeding America milk drive in any increment you want.

That's right, you can pay for a goat for a kid in need. They can then build up a herd, support their family, sell them to make extra money, and even learn entrepreneurship.

Here's one of the most creative ways to help. You can fund an organization that provides mentors to teenagers in need. There's a camp located in Northern Minnesota and several cities in the Midwest operate as hubs for the local youth. Disclosure: I donate to this organization