Word choice is important in business. If you are under 35, you might be tempted to add a little flavor to your conversation, but keep in mind that slang terms are not that well-known. And, they're usually dated by the time people start using them in the workplace.

1. Conversating

As much as younger folks want this to be a word, it isn't. Worse yet, it reveals you don't have a command of your vocabulary. The correct word is conversing.

2. Ridic

A shortened version of ridiculous, which is in the dictionary, this slang term will make people wonder what you mean. It's OK to use with friends. With the boss, not so much.

3. Feels

The Urban Dictionary defines this word as "a wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained." Merriam-Webster doesn't include it at all.

4. Fleek

Another term of endearment, which came from a meme a few years ago, it means you are feeling good about something or you are on point. It's not that common, though.

5. Dat

One of the oldest slang words around, this replacement for "that" (often preceded by the word who) just makes you sound unprofessional.

6. Apolgs

Shortening a word is something Millennials love to do, but everyone else gets a little confused (and annoyed). This shortened version of "apologies" might make sense to you, but it's not that well-known.

6. Bae

This word--which rhymes with "ray"--refers to a boyfriend or a potential date. It's slang and a term of endearment and trust, but most people won't know it. Also, it's the Danish word for poop.