Have you ever driven a high-end Lexus sedan? When you use the navigation system in a car like the 2015 LS 460, a voice chimes in as you pull into the local country club. "You have arrived..." the voice announces.

That's a nice sentiment. For many entrepreneurs, it's tough to know when all of your hard work has paid off. These products are the tip of the luxury spear--the pinnacle in their respective fields--and can help you feel more successful.

1. Saddleback Leather Suitcase ($1,055)

It might be time to retire that canvas luggage you've been using on business trips. This high-end leather suitcase, which costs more than just about any US plane ticket, boats a lifetime guarantee. No rollers for this premium product, which just seem quaint.

2. Anthony Gallo Classico CL-4 floorstanding speakers ($2,495 per pair)

Part of the beauty of this Anthony Gallo speaker set is that, with a solid wood cabinet, they look elegant in your living room but also benefit from using a solid construction to make the audio more appealing. And, by "appealing" I mean you will hear things in bands like Arcade Fire and The National that you didn't even know were in their songs.

3. Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Watch ($82,700)

Not to shock anyone with a high price tag, but--go ahead and shock people with a high price tag. This Zenith watch uses 18-carat rose gold materials, is hand-wound, and has a brown alligator leather strap. but forget all of those specs: the watch consists of 797 components. If that isn't enough to impress friends at the gym I can't think of anything else that will.

4. Indochino Suit ($400-$500)

You could buy an Armani suit downtown, or head to a local clothier and get yourself fitted perfectly by a snotty attendant, but why leave the office? These Indochino suits generally run about $400-$500 and up but the best part is that you can use your own measuring tape and, using a video guide, measure yourself and input the sizes on your own.

5. Inada Massage Chair ($8,499)

Not every successful entrepreneur wants to sit on a yacht or drive a Porsche. How about relaxing on this high-end massage chair? This is the same model you might see at a trade show. It scans your body type to adjust the massage accordingly. There are 12,000 square inches of massage cover, another way of saying "successful" to the world.

6. Parker Ingenuity Pen ($200)

It's surprising how many successful entrepreneurs still use pens they buy at Target. OK, it's a good cost-cutting measure but seems a little odd when you are signing checks. The Parker Ingenuity line borrows tech from both the lowly ballpoint market and the fountain-tip pens. They are smooth enough for scratching out notes, and the tip adapts to your writing style.

7. Bugatti Veyron Vitesse ($2.5M)

The specs on this high-end sports car are enough to make you want to embrace someone. The Veyron Vitesse, the open-top version of the original coupe, can hit 250 MPH and has a 1,200-horsepower engine. It doesn't just have one or two turbochargers--it has four. With a 0-60 rating of 2.4 seconds, it will get you to the Silicon Valley office with plenty of time to comb your hair and get your bearings together.