Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. These gadgets and tech products are designed for a mom who appreciates innovation, especially when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, monitoring an infant, or getting a good workout.

Now the slimmest fitness band with constant heart-rate tracking, the Alta HR can remind you to get moving and tracks multiple stages of sleep.

Here's an unusual business model. Your mom can test this mattress for 100 days; if she doesn't like it, the company donates it to the Salvation Army. A three-layer construction makes it extra comfy.

This high-def earbud set uses noise cancellation to improve sound quality (and remove background noise). The BeMe app has a 10-band sound equalizer.

Pollen in the air, house dust, bacteria--they don't stand a chance if mom uses this high-powered corded vacuum. A high-efficiency particulate air filter traps dust; a UV filter zaps pollutants.

This pillow was designed for comfort. A mesh pattern promotes airflow and helps dissipate moisture, and the curve is tapered at both ends for comfort. Inside, the fibers mold around the shape of your head for a customized feel.

This crib mobile casts a celestial pattern on the ceiling and has built-in sounds to create ambient noise. There are four timers for adjusting how long the mobile operates.

A new mom will appreciate this Bluetooth speaker for babies. Anyone can record a message using the VoiceShare app and share to the speaker. It also lets you play ambient white noise.