CES is back in full throttle mode, unleashing a horde of strange and wonderful shiny objects. Some of them are even practical and could change how you work and play this year. Some are designed for a future we only see dimly. Here are my favorites so far...

Roli lets you pretend you're in a synth rock band, You press small squares to create loops and effects. Artists like RZA makes samples you can use to make a song and share it online.

This service bot can roam around the office, attend meetings for you when you're away from the office, and even patrol the grounds. It's still in a prototype stage in China.

Keep tabs on this trend. Kodak will offer a Super 8 camera that uses actual film. When you send in your finished reels, you can start editing the digitized files almost immediately.

Smartwatches are diversifying. This outdoor model, which is water resistant up to 50 meters, has a dual-screen tech. It switches to a low-power mode to last up to 30 days.

This small inflatable pod fits snugly under your pillow. It detects when you might snore and then lifts the pillow slightly to move your head position.

Smartwatches have a chance if they offer unique features. With the Martian Mvoice, you long-press a button to talk to Amazon Alexa and get weather updates and order office supplies.

This router has some fantastic features for parents. You get an alert if a child (or teen) visits a harmful or inappropriate site and can then block access. Filters also block sites.

Another squirrel moment? Now you can find out. This dog collar detects the mood of your dog so you can form a stronger emotional bond.