What happens in an office when you use the right words?

The smartest leaders have that figured out. You create a vibe that spreads from one employee to another, and they might even start using the same words.

These are my favorites, if you are around business types all day.

1. Bonus

I like this word because it is jam-packed with good vibes. When someone lets you know they finished a project earlier than expected, saying "bonus" is a show of support. Plus, the word has a not-so-subtle connotation about getting extra pay on an annual basis.

2. Score

Business workers are not playing hockey or tennis, but you can borrow words from those sports. Saying "score" after someone tells you about making a sale or hiring a new employee is a sure way to build rapport and let them know you are acknowledging the win.

3. Win

Just saying the word "win" adds a nice touch to any conversation. What are you communicating? You are saying the employee did great work, and that it helps the company on the path to success. And everyone likes to know the boss is happy.

4. Bingo

Another favorite of mine, this word acknowledges when an employee says or does something right. It's a bit like a pat on the back--you are aware that the employee knows how to communicate effectively, and there's no doubt about your appreciation.

5. Nailed it

Technically two words, but go with it. The phrase "nailed it" summarizes how you feel, and it puts a nice exclamation mark on an accomplishment. The phrase is short and sweet--there's not much more to say other than the person who did the work is a major asset.

6. Stellar

My favorite word when it comes to reaching new heights of success, "stellar" means having the quality of a star performer or performers and exceptionally good. It might describe your whole team and their performance on a project.

7. Jazzed

Employees need to know how you feel and that there's some emotion behind your proclamations. Saying you are "jazzed" gives them hope. You are excited about progress, and it's more than just accepting the high level of performance. You feel it.

8. Cachet

There was a time when the word "cachet' was overused, but in a work context describing an employee effort, it's brilliant. The word means recognized prestige. Guess what? That's your job. Good communication means summarizing succinctly what needs to be said.