Are there words you use that reveal your age? I have noticed a few lately that signal to everyone within hearing distance that you are definitely not a Millennial. Extract them from your emails and conversations or you will end up sounding a bit dated, out of touch, and maybe even not that relevant anymore.

1. Totally

I hear older folks saying "totally" way more than the younger set. (Oh, shoot--"the younger set" is another outdated phrase.) It's always a one-word response of agreement. If you emphasize the "to" part and drag out the pronunciation, be careful. You might sound like the Fonz.

2. Bummer

You might not know this, but the word bummer is an offshoot of a German word (bummler) that means to be a loafer and "bum" off of others. It also means you grew up watching  lame sitcoms on ABC and can't seem to find better ways of expressing disappointment.

3. Sweet

People of all ages say "sweet," but only Gen-Xers seem to have an inextricable attachment to the word. Just about everything is "sweet" to them, from the food in the buffet line at work to the new sales lead that will finally bear that big bonus check.

4. Downer

I'm guessing few of the people who use the word downer know that it comes straight from the urban dictionary (it was originally used to describe a drug). Sadly, it is also almost completely stricken from the vocabulary of anyone under 34. They barely know what it means.

5. Cool

Everyone says "cool" in every generation, but it's falling out of favor with Millennials. It's a dad word. A gadget might be cool, or the vacation plans might be cool. But using the one word as a exclamatory term to voice approval is as dated as any of the words on this list.

6. Right

If you say "right" when someone talks, it makes you sound dated. The Millennials I've been working with lately don't do that. For starters, they seem to use body language instead--if they are paying attention and not using a phone, they are basically saying "right" to you.

7. Awesome

Sorry to those who still say everything is "awesome," but the word has worn out its welcome. What I've heard working in an office full of Millennials is that people now say "awesome" only when they want to add a hint of sarcasm. Things are actually not that awesome.

8. Bonus

If you shout "bonus" at work, you tip a hat to everyone. Millennials don't say "bonus" as a way of expressing excitement. In fact, they might look at you funny and wonder if there is some gift card reward or perk involved.