What to wear to work...when you commute on a bike? I wanted to find out, so I tested all of these products over several weeks. They are ideal because they stretch, fit comfortably, yet all fit in perfectly in the office (as long as the dress code is a bit relaxed).

The stretch fabric on this polo makes it ideal for commuting on a bike. The fabric is also fast drying (believe me, I tested that) and is super lightweight for long rides.

Durable, water-repellent, blocks out the sun--if you need any more protection on a bike you're taking the commute too seriously. These pants stretch nicely, but are perfect for the office.

The idea of "shedding" rain is handy when you bike over the Golden Gate Bridge in a storm. This jacket worked wonders--and on the way back, it was breathable enough for the hot sun.

The stretchy material in these chino pants made commuting on a Diamondback Century bike much easier. The material wicks out the sweat but keeps you warm in the morning.

What I liked so much about this stretchy performance shirt--which blocks UV rays and also wicks away moisture--is that it is breathable enough in the sun (and in the office).

With UPF 40 sun block and moisture-wicking, this shirt proved invaluable on my day trips. The pattern and colors matched up nicely with what people wore at startups in Silicon Valley.

The offset fit of this Merino wool shirt is what made it ideal for commuting. I biked 50 miles one-way and never felt like it was scratchy or didn't conform.

Published on: Jul 31, 2017
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