Commuting for work? This gear will help you get there safely and in style. I tested each item biking to an office across town for several weeks. If you try one of these in your commute, send me an email so we can compare notes and stay on touch.

This fantastic helmet has lights on the front and back. You use a turn signal indicator (included) that syncs to the helmet over wireless and connects to your handlebars.

Stash your tools and a bike tube in this underseat bag. It's smart for commuters because you won't want the extra bulk in a biking backpack.

Drop this 21-fluid-ounces water bottle and you won't have to worry. It uses a double-walled construction and can also hold coffee and other hot beverages.

This bike computer keeps things simple--and small. You can track your route and, when connected by Bluetooth to a cadence sensors on the bike, stay perfectly on pace.

My favorite mount for a bike, this one uses a magnet you attach to your phone or case. When you want to ride, the phone snaps into place easily. Includes extra silicon phone holders.

You might think gloves are a luxury or for cold days only. While testing a Trek Superfly 5, I found they were a necessity due to the gravel, debris, trees, and other obstructions flying my way.

A head-mounted light is a brilliant addition to your commuting arsenal. This 50-lumens light will shine bright enough for pre-dawn commutes (and let everyone else know you are on the road).

Another ingenious accessory, this bike lock zips into place for quick lock-ups. It uses Kevlar so it is highly cut resistant, and the 18-inch version weighs only four ounces.

Published on: Jul 31, 2017
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