If ever there was a time to develop social media marketing for mobile, this is it.

Google announced today they have brought back the "real-time" search feature for Google.com on mobile devices. Twitter followed suit. It means, when someone searches for a topic on their Android phone or the iPhone (say, NBA or Barack Obama), or on other mobile devices like tablets, they will see the real-time tweets from Twitter.

This is obviously the result of a new partnership, since access to the live Twitter stream is not easy to obtain. It's an important move for Google because it means searches will include tweets as they happen rather than crawling only the static Web.

For small businesses, it's important because Google is a primary driver for traffic. Now, if you have a good social media strategy and tend to post about company news, product announcements, or even deal with customer service issues, you can expect these results to pop up in searches. It's a boost to an exiting strategy.

Google recently made a radical shift in how search works on mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile friendly will be excluded from search results, would could lead to a 50% drop in traffic. By including tweets, Google is including real-time comments and adding more relevancy to search results. It's also a bod to the overlords at Twitter, who are essentially feeding the link machine for every company in existence. (Facebook is also a big driver for traffic, but that network is still self-contained -- the content do not show up in Google search.)

What can you do to react to thew news? I've been seeing a big uptick in how often people tweet, mostly because you never know who will stop by a company feed and browse your links. It's now a well-established social media strategy that you can't tweet (or post on other social nets) too often. Now, you can trust that those tweets will drive traffic through Google as well. It's a big win for those already in the game.

When someone does a search on their phone, the tweets show up as cards you can flick through easily without having to switch over to a different social media app like Tweetdeck or SproutSocial. For example, if you search right now for "jmbrandonbb twitter" on your phone, you will see my recent tweets. If you search on public figures like Taylor Swift or for events like the NBA Finals, you'll also see recent tweets. Search for any brand and add the word "twitter" and you'll see recent tweets.

Should this shift make a big difference in your marketing strategy? If you have not already taken up the charge to post more often and interact with customers, now is your chance.