Time to celebrate my favorite beverage. These fruity, exotic, and richly resonate blends are the best you'll find, and some even celebrate further with a nice price reduction.

Sourced directly from Kenya, this blend has a fruity flavor -- think plums, pears, and almonds -- and it's rich enough to give you a pleasant after taste.

It's not named after my favorite TV show, but it should be. The green beans are hand-selected and produce minimal toxins. There's a hint of almond, caramel, dark cocoa, and vanilla.

This Arabica blend is a medium-roast delight with a fruity aroma but the taste is not overwhelming. Based in Baton Rouge, Community provided free coffee after the Southern Louisiana floods

Keurig has me at the phrase dark chocolate and fig. These dark roast is one of the best blends I've had in the automated coffee machine, which is ideal for break-rooms.

Cedar, milk chocolate and caramel are lightly present in this artisanal coffee blend. The company makes a creamer that is not fatty (e.g., the one part of coffee that is bad for you).

Another favorite of mine, this blend is produced on the island of Maui and has a light wild berry taste. If you use the code ALOHACOFFEE you get 50% off the order today.

This company, located a few miles from where I'm from originally in the Twin Cities, makes a slow-roasted blend sourced from Central and South America.

A top pick for me, this coffee has a richness that matched up well with a Jura coffee machine I'm testing. It's a bit sweeter and sharper than most blends. The company has a $10 off special.