I'm not exactly a résumé king.

After working almost 16 years straight as a journalist, I haven't "brushed up" my résumé in ages. Yet when I found a new resume builder recently, I had to take a look.

You know the usual drill. Most of us jump on Google Docs or Microsoft Word and grab a template, but then the fun really starts. You have to do a lot of formatting, spruce things up, add a photo, maybe include some illustrations. A good résumé pops off the page. A bad one looks like a junior high student managed to sneak into the computer lab.

I really like how a company called Enhancv improves this process. (You can glance down at the example below for President Obama, which is a bit of a marketing stunt. We all know the guy is going to end up speaking and writing more books.)

In the online app, I started a résumé in about two clicks. The free "basic" version lets you make one résumé and use only a few sections, like education and hobbies. The paid version offers many more options (and costs $14.90 per month). With that plan, you can add more sections and click an option to remove the Enhancv logo.

Most of us are not designers. In about five minutes, I added my photo which shows up in an oval shape at the top right. At the top of the page, there's a bold line that summaries what you do or who you are. (I said: "Expert in underwater basket-weaving.") There's some cool icons for things like your email and location that make the page look professional. Again, you can see how this all looks in the example below.

Fortunately, there's more to the process than a nice design.

You can use a Content Analyzer feature that makes phrasing and word choice suggestions, among other things. It's a bit like the grammar check in Microsoft Word. You can send the résumé only to friends and family first and get feedback. They can even send suggestions on your strengths, which is a bit like résumé crowdsourcing.

When you're done, you can then share the résumé with potential employers by email or post it on Facebook. The entire app is super slick. I could see anyone looking for a job, from a basic role at a startup to an engineer at a larger company, being able to build out a perfectly formatted résumé with all of your experience and education.

What might be missing is an actual job search network, something like Monster.com but with much better-looking résumés. It would help because recruiters could go to that portal and scan through résumés or search for job skills. Also, the app only works online for now, so there isn't a version for a tablet like the Apple iPad.

Still, Enhancv is a smart tool for anyone who is looking for a job. It does exactly what you need it to do, and the results look stunning. Check out this sample:

 inline image