Productivity is all about having a plan to work more efficiently. These gadgets fit right into your daily routine--they provide just the right smart features to help you charge up a device, stay connected with colleagues, login to your laptop quickly, and work faster.

This programmable keyboard is a major productivity aid. You can program the keys with apps that trigger actions like sending an email or accepting a meeting. You can also see tasks in a Das Keyboard app and check them off using color-coded key commands.

At just 0.56-inches thick, this highly portable 2-in-1 laptop doubles as a Windows 10 tablet. That's a productivity booster on its own, but the unusually crisp screen (which runs in 4K) will also help with photo editing and graphic design work.

This powerful laptop boosts productivity in a public place. You can turn on the Sure View mode, which dims the screen from the side so no one can see what you're working on. Another bonus: It can withstand light drops and spills, so you can keep working if a mishap occurs.

Wireless gadgets boost productivity because you don't have to fumble around with cables. This battery pack can charge your Apple Watch eight times. To charge, you lay the watch over a pad. It also charges your iPhone three times.

I sneaked this paper journal in because it works more like an app for your phone. It helps you track metrics such as tasks you want to complete and "magical moments" you had the previous day. Plus, it gets you offline before your day starts.

These wireless earbuds will give you a boost during the day. You can double-tap the pod to ask Siri a question (e.g., "How much battery is left on the AirPods?"). Without wires, you'll save time by never having to unravel a cord and connect up. The AirPods sync to an iPhone in two seconds.

Security is a buzzword these days, and protecting your data is important. Yet the IR camera in this laptop also boosts productivity. To login each morning, you look at the camera. Microsoft Hello in Windows 10 scans your face to provide an extra security layer.