This is going to be an amazing year for gadgets.

Voice-activated artificial intelligence, wireless charging, and digitized note-taking provide just a hint of what is to come. More than anything, as tech evolves this year, the main benefit will be that life becomes a bit easier. We won't have to hunt around online for information as much, because we'll be able to ask a bot to do that. We won't have to keep a paper notepad around in the office, because we'll be able to save our scribbles to an app and then retrieve the notes at anytime. These gadgets, many of which either debuted right at the end of 2016 or will come out shortly, provide some handy perks.

Grab one of these speakers for the office--you'll be amazed how much it can simplify your day. You can ask about the weather, set reminders, and even do research on the fly, all by voice, without lifting your hands off the keyboard. Plus, the speaker sounds sublime.

Many of us have ditched a desk phone and use a smartphone all day. Yet, we still need to charge up. This docking station serves as a charger, a Bluetooth speakerphone, and a desk phone with a numeric keypad. It makes quick dialing a bit faster.

Taking notes in a meeting just got easier. Using an ink pen, you write everything normally. Yes, your chicken scratches all convert into an app. Wacom digital pads sync up to your phone quickly without a lot of fuss.

Made for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this multipurpose case has a snap-in slot on the back for an extra lens, a flash drive for storage, and a battery pack. In 2017, it will include a carbon-monoxide detector, a multitool with knife and saw, and a laser tool for measurements.

Your desktop monitor needs a stable base, so it might as well be useful, right? This monitor from AOC uses Qi charging technology so you can set your phone down on the base. The monitor has a 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a 5-millisecond response time.

A strange name, but these location tags could be invaluable during your work day. They come in different versions, including one that feeds the room temperature to the Sense app and a new one called SleepPeanut that you wear to bed to measure your sleep cycles.